Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Anniversary Dinner at Luigis

Last night, Forrest and I went to Luigis for dinner. Before going to the restaurant we exchanged cards. Forrest always gets me the BEST, most perfect cards. I asked him how he always does that and he said that he spends a lot of time looking at each one. Does he know that girls just eat this stuff up or is he just naturally so perfect?? We weren't supposed to get each other gifts this year but he surprised me with an hour massage and pedicure. What a husband! I know I am bragging on him a lot but I can't help it because he really is so good to me. And, I am so thankful that he makes occasions like these so special.

Anyways, we enjoyed a nice dinner, came home and started our tradition by reading the Anniversary Prayer, and he put my new wedding band on my finger. ;)


Snider Family said...

Sister you look gorgeous! I LOVE your hair and the color! Looks great And your stylist is pretty cool too! :)

ryan and danielle said...

love luigi's! glad you guys had a great anniversary!!