Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hyundai, Kia…welcome to the family

Since Forrest and I have moved out of town, gas has been really brutal on our pockets. We commute about 30 – 40 mi back and forth everyday and both drive gas guzzling vehicles. We knew there would be quite an increase in our gas bill but after calculating last month’s, we realized something had to change.

So….we went out and got us the best deal on the most fuel efficient cars we could find. First, for me, we got a 2011 Hyundai Sonata which I am very much happy and in love with. It is a very nice car and in my opinion, a lot of bang for your buck. And most importantly, it gets a whopping 35 miles to the gallon!

And then today, Forrest got himself a 2010 Kia Forte. It is really funny if you know Forrest – truck driving, country boy driving a forte. It is the most basic car ever but it gets 35 mi to the gallon as well and he got quite the deal on it.

 Hyundai Sonata & Kia Forte 001 Hyundai Sonata & Kia Forte 002

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Last School Break!

Tomorrow I go back to school to finish my last semester of nursing school. I cannot believe this time has already come: we are talking exit HESI exam, graduation things, resume building and recruiting,  applying for jobs, NCLEX info….it is just crazy how quickly this semester is going to fly!

Anyways, we only received one week off in between semesters so I went to my parents house for a few days to hang out with them and see my sister and Reagan before they go back to CA. I am hoping I will maybe get to see them one more time though before they go!

I got there Sunday and stayed through Wednesday. We had fun just hanging around the house and the pool, did a little shopping and running around, ate out at some of our favorite places. I just love being with them and Reagan is just so fun I wanted to take her home with me! If I ever have a little girl, I want her to be just as full of life as Reagan is. She is just such a happy little girl.

Summer break! 015  Summer break! 018Summer break! 019  Summer break! 029Summer break! 025   Summer break! 024Summer break! 023

Summer break! 038  Summer break! 039 Summer break! 037Summer break! 054Summer break! 055      Summer break! 066 Summer break! 068

Summer break! 073 Summer break! 074

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Diary of a TRI-wife: Entry #2 Bridgeland Triathlon

Sunday, Forrest finished his second sprint triathlon. Technically this was his first FULL sprint triathlon since the swim portion of the last one was cancelled. It was a fun day starting off at 4:30am when we left the house along with Forrest parents to head off to the event. Once we got there, Forrest left to get his transition area set up, Big Forrest found a good spot for our chairs, and Cheri and I ran around trying to find where the swim started so we could get pictures and root him and Aaron on.

The 500m swim went well but Forrest said it was much harder than he thought it was going to be. He had been swimming around 1500- 2500m three times a day in a 25m community pool before the race but said swimming in open water is much different. He didn’t feel prepared enough; in fact Sunday night he went and swam at Lake Bryan to make himself feel better. He is so hard on himself!

For the bike, Cheri and I again were right there watching him as he transitioned. He seemed really calm and focused on getting his gear on. He set out for 14 mi and did really well. He averaged about a 20mi/hr speed which is an improvement from his last race. He was pretty content with his performance on the bike.

His 3.5 mi run went well but he felt as if he couldn’t reach his potential. He has had some cramping issues lately and if he cramps, it unbearably forces him to have to slow way down. He was trying to prevent that so he went at a steady pace – about 8:30 mile. He would’ve liked to have done better but plans to work on this too. I tell him it is not about speed for the next couple events he has coming up, it is about ENDURANCE! Which I think he knows. He has definitely been working on improving his distance for each sport.

Anyways, it was a fun day. I enjoyed rooting for him and watching him cross that finish line. He makes me so proud!

Triathlon- Bridgeland 008Triathlon- Bridgeland 009Triathlon- Bridgeland 011 Triathlon- Bridgeland 017 Triathlon- Bridgeland 019 Triathlon- Bridgeland 021 Triathlon- Bridgeland 026 Triathlon- Bridgeland 028 Triathlon- Bridgeland 031 Triathlon- Bridgeland 03238801_1367877599518_1309036655_30890675_4893165_n Triathlon- Bridgeland 036 Triathlon- Bridgeland 039 Triathlon- Bridgeland 041Triathlon- Bridgeland 042Triathlon- Bridgeland 04340653_1367881119606_1309036655_30890690_272811_nTriathlon- Bridgeland 046 (1)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Trip of a Lifetime

I am a little behind on blogging and before I talk about Forrest’s triathlon this past weekend, I want to post some pictures from our trip from Iowa we took a few weeks ago.

This was a little bit of a spontaneous trip for us. My parents, sister and her family had all planned a trip to see my Dad’s side of the family in Iowa and I didn’t think we would be able to go. Well, luckily and at the last minute, Forrest and I were able to get out of school and work for just long enough to be able to go. I was just so grateful that it worked out because I didn’t know when the next opportunity would be for us to all be together up there.

And what memories we made! We enjoyed a picnic party for Reagan’s 2 year birthday which was like a big family reunion. We dug into some GOOD Iowa corn at my grandparent’s house. We stayed at my Aunt Terri and Uncle Andy’s house which was better than a bed and breakfast - they were just unbelievable hosts to us. We did a little shopping us girls (Mom and Aunts), dining out with the whole family, and one night Forrest and I along with some of my cousins went out for a few drinks. We really enjoyed the entire trip and made such great family memories.

Now its their turn for a trip to Texas so we can entertain them!! :)

 Iowa Trip! 001 Iowa Trip! 002

Iowa Trip! 012 Iowa Trip! 008 Iowa Trip! 016  Iowa Trip! 025 Iowa Trip! 026 Iowa Trip! 040 Iowa Trip! 053 38580_10100346091526684_8360867_66435211_5596769_n 38873_10100346091027684_8360867_66435204_6142096_n 38550_10100346091456824_8360867_66435210_8188230_n 38713_10100346092035664_8360867_66435221_3235224_n 38581_10100346091905924_8360867_66435218_927023_n 39040_10100346092070594_8360867_66435222_7361534_n 38528_10100346093108514_8360867_66435241_6532594_n 38661_10100346093258214_8360867_66435244_4885476_n 38833_10100346093203324_8360867_66435243_1008796_n39254_10100346093392944_8360867_66435245_7387134_n

37499_1432916876251_1632801301_31038668_7010150_n   35959_10100346092225284_8360867_66435225_4556456_n 39228_10100346092724284_8360867_66435234_8302971_n 39969_10100346092819094_8360867_66435236_7175760_n 39129_10100346092774184_8360867_66435235_472096_n39775_10100346093013704_8360867_66435239_245698_n 

39512_10100346093507714_8360867_66435250_5969123_n 37800_10100346093637454_8360867_66435252_1892541_n