Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jaime's Visit!

This past weekend, Jaime came in town to treat me for my birthday. She got here on Saturday just in time to get brunch so we ate at La Bodega. Brunch is one of my favorite meals and time of day because you can eat whatever you want! We had tacos and doughnuts along with bloody mary's and mimosas. Everything was just fabulous!

Jaime also got me a bag full of goodies for the summer for my gift!

After eating, we went home to get suited up for the pool. While we laid out, we read our Twilight books, talked, and people watched. Jaime just started reading Twilight and I am reading Breaking Dawn. It was so hard for me to not want to talk about mine because I didn't want to ruin it for her! People watching was hilarious. Since we were at an apartment complex, later in the day, a lot of college kids started to come out and "party." One group of guys actually brought a beer bong....yes this is true. Then we noticed some young girls taking notice in the guys and eventually they all got together of course. The girls had brought a boxed wine down to the pool with them and were letting the guys squeeze the bag as they tilted their heads and chugged it. Ha! We found it pretty entertaining.

After getting some sun, we got ourselves a little blizzard from this little ice cream shop and then got ourselves some pedicures. Afterwards, we came back to my house and watched He's Just Not That in to You and waited for Forrest to get home from his grandparents. Then that night, Forrest, Jaime, and I went to dinner to Fish Daddys and then out to do some country dancing!

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ryan and danielle said...

awwww yay! i am so glad you got to hang out with jaime for your bday! looks like you guys had LOTS of fun!!