Monday, April 20, 2009

Parents Weekend!

So this past weekend, my parents came down to hang out with us in spite of all the rain we knew we were about to get. They came down early on Friday, and the four of us went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It is a bit of a tradition that my parents go every Friday and we love to go as a family when we are together. Then afterwards we rented the movie Seven Pounds which was a very heartening movie with a good message.
The next morning we ate breakfast while the rain came down hard and just spent the day indoors. It was really nice to be with family and feel cozied up in the house. Forrest wasn't feeling too good so my parents and I cooked him this soup my mom makes that is awesome. It was fun having all our butts in the kitchen whipping up some soup for Forrest! Good thing is, he is feeling much better now and there isn't a cloud in the sky!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter at the Lula Beach House!

So this past weekend for Easter, Forrest and I drove down to Amberly and Aaron's beach house to celebrate Easter with his family. We had so much fun! On Sat. we ate lunch, let the boys go through their Easter baskets from Lala and Pop Pop, and then Big Forrest and I went with Aaron and Forrest to watch them surf at Surfside Beach. Forrest wore a wet suit at first- hahahaha! And then changed out of it later to see how cold the water was. I was only able to get one good shot of him standing up! While we were gone, Amberly, Cheri, and the boys colored Easter eggs.

Then that night we all sat down and had dinner, and afterwards played a few games of Spoons! That was a BLAST! I thought I would be the first one out everytime since I am not that aggressive but surprisingly, I didn't do that bad! Forrest and Aaron ended up winning the most amount of times and you know they definitely reminded everyone of it! But with this family during games like this, the more crap talking the better! I am still learning how to get good at that!

After the games, we decided to watch the movie "Yes Man" and right smack in the middle of it the whole house goes pitch black! We looked out the windows and realized that as far as you could see down the island, it was completely dark. It had been really windy all day so that was most likely what caused it but luckily we had this huge flash light that Amberly had bought Aaron for Chrismas. It literally looked like the batman light if you shined it in the sky! The guys had a little fun with it while Amberly lit EVERY candle she could find in the house and then about 10 min later, the lights came back on. At least we were prepared! We ended up just finishing our movie and since it was pretty late, going to bed afterwards.

The next morning on Easter Sunday, we woke up early and let the boys go through their Easter baskets from Mommy and Daddy. Then we watched and helped them have an Easter egg hunt downstairs. It was funny because Aiden is really "perfect" and tidy while Ashty is a little monster, rough, and messy. Aiden was being choosy over which eggs he wanted to pick up- either they weren't the right color or they were "too dirty- ewww" and Ashty was just roaming all over the place picking up whatever we pointed out to him. Mark one on the tally board for Ashtie for winning this year! After the egg hunt, Big Forrest took us to an Easter brunch at a nice hotel and it was AMAZING. I had four plates of food. They had everything from sushi to belgian waffles with whipped cream! I felt like I had a day's worth of food in one meal!

We left Sunday afternoon to come back to C.S. and look back on a fun and special Easter weekend. Family times are the best and I know there are many more to come! :)

Kelli's Bday!

So one of my good friends who I work with, Kelli, had a birthday last week and a big group of us got together for drinks at La Bodega. We were also celebrating something else...Kelli is in her last month of getting her Master's in Health Administration (MHA) and has been looking into different fellowship opportunities in not only Texas, but other states! Well of course, we all want her to stay close to here so when she gave us the AWESOME news that she got a fellowship her in College Station at the Med (hospital). It is very difficult to get a fellowship in your last year anywhere and to get one here- is next to impossible! I could not be happier and more proud of her! :D

Monday, April 6, 2009

Last day in CA!

So the last day we didn't do much but relax by the pool and make one last shopping trip to get the one item we have all been waiting for..............a JUICY! Haha that was the one thing Sister and I said we were going to get and she wanted to get me a little coverup for getting into nursing school. We love to splurge on the Juicy's and when we find a deal- it is a "MUST!" That is what Sister always says when we shop and she thinks I should get something "Sister- that is a MUST!"

Easter Pics and Pool!

So Tuesday Sister and I planned to take Easter pics- just the three of us. Lucky me who gets to take professional pics with Reagan! I was so excited about this. Well the photographer my sister usually uses had problems finding us in Balboa Park and didn't have a way to reach us. So long story short, we ended up taking some pics ourselves at the park and then getting some done at a shopping center around town. The pics turned out great! We were pretty happy with them. Afterwards we ended up at the pool and Reagan charmed us with her little chick outfit and bonnet! :)

So CA continued...we are now on Monday!

So Monday we had planned on going to the San Diego Zoo. I love doing things like this and I find animals so entertaining. Plus I mean it is the renown SAN DIEGO ZOO- I had to visit! This ended up being the one of the FUNNIEST days I swear- me and Sister had the giggles all day starting with.....the odd looking animal (we still are not sure what it was) that looked as if it were catchin some rays. When I got my camera out to take a pic it just stared at me and squinted its eyes- no not squinted like Amberly and Sister the morning I woke them up- squinted like a "I'm too sexy for this zoo!" HAHAHA I don't even think anyone else would understand some of the stuff we were laughing at. Sister gets in these moods when she is so hilarious and doesn't even know it! I love it! Anyways, by the end of the day, our dogs were barking and man was it a relief to get out of those SHOES- right sis!?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday- finally get to visit Sister's church!

Sunday morning my sister, Amberly, and I went to my sister's church. I had been looking forward to going because my sister speaks so highly of it. I was so impressed and moved by the service and the was absolutely incredible. I wish so badly that we had a church like theirs here! After church, we ate at California Pizza Kitchen and all had the chicken Caesar sandwich which is my absolute favorite! Afterwards, you guessed it- more shopping! haha...well we wanted to check out DSW because Amberly was looking for these cute sandals and my sister suggested DSW. Sure enough, we found what she was looking for! Later we took Amberly to the airport and at the same time, picked up Darrin since he was flying back from Vegas.

Then...that evening....changed my life. I watched...for the first time.........TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!! I had finished the book awhile back but was waiting to rent it and watch it with my sister who was also reading it. I don't know if she liked it as much as I did but I will admit that I am so googly-eyed for Edward! What a HUNK! That Bella girl is a lucky dog! I can't wait for New Moon. better get to reading young lady! I am almost through! :)

Waking up in Santa Monica!

So the next morning is kind of a funny story. I woke up a little early (around 6am) and tried to go back to sleep since everyone was out including Reagan who I thought was in her crib that the concierge brought us. Well I laid there waiting until about 7:15 ish to finally get out of bed so I could peek out the window and see the sunrise. Well, after peeking out and seeing how BEAUTIFUL the beach looked, I thought everyone might appreciate it if I woke them up. Well, I hadn't realized that Reagan ended up sleeping in the bed with my sister and that the sunlight coming in from when I peeked out, woke her up. Immediately my sister yelled, "SISTER YOU WAKE HER, YOU GET HER!!" So then I said "Yall are going to thank me... yall are going to want to see this!" Haha boy was I wrong- I guess when "mothers" are on vacation, they want to enjoy the beauty of sleeping in! Amberly squinted open her eyes at me and goes, "I can't wait for you to have children!"

Anyways, after everyone was up and around, we got ready for breakfast. We went to a cute little shop called Cora's Coffee Shoppe. It was the absolute BEST breakfast I have ever eaten! I ordered some orange and blueberry pancakes! The orange juice was fresh squeezed and the coffee was delicious too. After breakfast we went back to the hotel to get ready to check out. While Amberly and Sister packed, I fed Reagan on the balcony. We checked out, went to some shopping centers in Santa Monica, and drove back to San Diego that evening. We had In-n-Out burger for dinner and then went home!!

LA & Hollywood!

So the next morning on Friday, our second day there, we headed out to LA to make our reservations at the Ivy- a supposedly hot spot to dine for lunch. Although we did not see any celebrities, we sure felt like some! The restaurant was really charming and had beautiful scenery, but what we ordered wasn't spectacular. The overall experience was pretty neat at least for me and for my sister and Reagan, not so much! It was a little too small and crowded for a baby, so she walked Reagan around while we finished eating. Afterwards, we walked around some shopping centers there and drove down Rodeo Dr. Then we went to Hollywood and walked along the stars and did MORE shopping! The weather and shopping centers are so great in Ca, you can't help but want to walk around every one you come across! :)
That evening, we checked into the Loews hotel in Santa Monica and for dinner, we decided to order Caliornia Pizza Kitchen take out and bring it back to the hotel. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice night out on the balcony which was huge and had the best view of the ocean and Santa Monica Pier. It just doesn't get much better than that! :D