Friday, July 31, 2009

Disaster Training

This week for nursing school, we had Diaster Training which lasted two full days and taught us how to respond in the event of a disaster such as a hurricane- when hundreds or thousands of evacuees/victims evacuate to B/CS and may be in need of medical attention. The nursing students last year were called in for Hurricane Ike and the Health Science Center decided it might be a good idea to train us in case it happens again. Here are a few pics of the training:

Bless's Wedding & Lake

Last weekend, was busy if you didn't already notice, but in a good way! Saturday after eating lunch with my mom, sister, and Reagan at Panera, I drove back to College Station in time to go to Bless's wedding. Forrest and I hadn't seen each other all weekend, he had been doing yard work all day when I came home, but I rushed in the shower to get ready. As we were getting ready, we realized Forrest doesn't have any nice slacks that fit him. I guess someone else besides me needs to do a little shopping in this family. Ha! Anyways, he put on a nice shirt and we headed out the door to make it to the church by 6pm. So we get there in a frenzy and the parking lot to the church is completely empty. THE WEDDING WAS AT 7pm! Oops! Forrest was a little aggrevated with me at this point but luckily northgate was nearby to save us. So we walked over and had a drink before going to the wedding. After the wedding, we went to the reception but only stayed for a little while. We were both exhausted and just knew we couldn't be much fun on the dance floor being as tired as we were. That night, we were both out as soon as the lights went off.

Sunday, we took LG to the lake and had the nicest time just sitting by the water. We ate at the Hook for a late lunch/early dinner and then went home so I could get started on some homework. It was so nice to spend a day with Forrest who has been somewhat on the back burner these past couple of weekends since that little niece of mine got here. This weekend I am all his! :D

American Idol!

Last Thursday, I drove to Dallas after class to see my favorite girls (that includes my Momma Bird) and to go to the American Idol concert with my sister. Darrin bought my sister tickets for her birthday which was on the 17th and invited me to go with her. It was really so fun and the performances were awesome. I was really impressed! I have not gotten to do something with my sister just the two of us in I don't know how long. We went to Primo's after the concert and felt pretty cool because that is a "hot spot" in Dallas, supposedly....ha! We don't get out much! We just had quesadillas and about a sip of our margaritas because they were so strong! We came home shortly and of course my parents STILL being "parents" waited up for us.

Anyways, so the next day, my sister, mom, and I went to lunch at La Madeleines which is one of our favorites. Then we went shopping for Reagan's 1yr birthday party. Later we went to Nordstrom to meet Jaime and my sister and I had our make up done. I know random- but I was just curious about some of the products! Then Jaime came back with us and had dinner with my family at Roadhouse. Reagan, for the first time, tried a lime that my mom gave her and made the funniest faces! I taught her how to high-five and could not be more proud of her. I am so lucky to have the family I have and have had a such a great weekend with them. Forrest missed out unfortunately because he had to work on Friday, but for Reagan's party next weekend, we will both be there with bells on! :D

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sister and Reagan's Visit!

This past weekend, my count down days finally ended! My Sister and Reagan came in town to visit me and have a fun weekend in Houston with friends. We met up with Morgan, Ledger, and Lauren in Houston for lunch at the Galleria and then spent the day with them. That evening David (Morgan's husband) surprised us with a limo to take us all out to dinner for Sister's birthday! We went to a Mexican restaurant (Cafe Adobe I think was the name) and the food and margaritas were so good! That night, we slumbered at the Hinds' loft, stayed up late after the babies went to sleep, and just had good girl talk. The next day we all went to lunch and then Sister and I headed back to CS to enjoy the rest of her stay.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sister and Reagan are HERE!

Well, not quite "here" for me but they will be here in 4 days! Right now they are in Mesquite spending time with family and then Sister and Reagan will be all mine from Thurday morning to Sunday morning. We have lots of plans including going to Houston to visit Morgan and Ledger who we haven't seen since Christmas. I cannot wait to see everyone!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pumping Iron

After working out for about 7 months now, I am proud to say that I measured my body fat percentage yesterday at the gym and the results said 15%. Other than just being active and staying healthy, my goal has been to get more muscular and obviously that would include me gaining weight. I have gained about 6 lbs since working out and I really think it is mostly muscle. Anyways, I am feeling really buff right now and am heading off to meet Amanda at the gym!

My work out schedule goes like this:
Mon: OFF
Tues: 5 min warmup, 30 min. of leg exercises, 30 flights of stairs, 25 min cardio, stretch
Wed: 5 min warmup, 30 min. of arm exercises, 30 flights of stairs, 25 min cardio, 10 min. of ab exercises, stretch
Thur: 5 min warmup, 30 min. of full body work out (lounges, ball exercises, etc.), 30 flights, 25 min. cardio, stretch
Fri: 30 min. cardio, 10 min. of ab exercises, stretch
Sat: OFF
Sun: OFF

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July!

Friday morning, Forrest and I drove down to Galveston to spend 4th of July at Amberly and Aaron's beach house. Once we got there, the 8 of us (Cheri, Big Forrest, Aaron, Amberly, Aiden, Ashton, me and Forrest) had lunch and afterwards headed out to the beach. We played paddle ball, hunted for creatures in the sand, and Amberly taught some of us how to moon walk haha. After a day at the beach, we came home and Cheri made us some homemade pizza which was so good. After getting stuffed on pizza, we just spent the evening indoors and later watched a movie before going to sleep!

Saturday morning, we woke up and had breakfast. Then we all got ready for the rest of the family to come in town (Allison, Tony, Carly, Ricky, Gramps, and Nena). As we were getting ready, Cheri and Amberly told me they had a surprise for me. So they pull out this cute little dress, bracelet, earrings, and flower clip for me to wear for the fourth so that the three of us could all match. How fun are they?! We looked so festive in our little matching outfits and they even did my eye make up for me to match theirs! So once everyone else arrived, we went to the beach. The girls watched while the guys surfed and boogie boarded. Then we came back to the house and hung out downstairs. Aaron really has done a lot to the house to make the underneath part more usable and it is really nice. It was a perfect area for us to all congregate and BBQ. The boys also put together a crawfish boil and the girls figured out how to work Amberly's margarita machine. After eating, we ate watermelon and made homemade ice cream for dessert. That night we rode the golf-cart around on the beach to look for crabs and then came home to watch fireworks. It was so fun watching them straight from the front porch- they were all around us we didn't know where to turn!

The next morning, we had breakfast and then Forrest and I left to come back home. What a fun weekend with lots of memories! :D