Thursday, February 9, 2012

Maternity Photo Shoot

This past weekend, our good friends Ashley and Danny made a special trip to the ranch to take some maternity pictures for Forrest and I. Danny and Forrest have been friends since childhood and were roommates in college. As a couple, they have been good friends of ours since college, meeting each other around the same time Forrest and I met.  

Over 5 years ago, they took our engagement photos which was when Ashley was barely getting into photography. Ashley just has a knack for taking great pictures and Danny has great ideas for getting great shots. She started a blog called Dash Photography in which she takes pictures and blogs for a hobby and even has begun to do some sessions on the side, while working full time as an accountant! She is a talented woman and one of the sweetest people I have ever known. 

Anyways, they came out to take some pictures for us and hanging out with them was like old times. We thought the weather was going to slow us down but it ended up being perfect. Ashley even captured a beautiful rainbow in the back of some of our pictures. Overall it was a fun day and great photo shoot. Thank you Danny and Ashley for doing this for us and for being a part of such a special time in mine and Forrest's lives. These pictures will be cherished for forever and I cannot wait to hang a big one in our house! :) We love you guys.