Friday, September 25, 2009

Flashback Friday “Speaking of Trends…”

Flashback Friday

are sliders under shorts ever coming back? :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Taste of Fall

I know this weather we have been experiencing may not be here to stay, but it has definitely gotten me in the mood for fall. During the busiest week of nursing school thus far (actually two weeks), I have wanted nothing more but to cozy up on the couch or shop- neither of which are productive. I will say though, these are simply urges that I have mostly been able to ignore and that I have done quite well at staying on task for school. I have aced two tests and yet to find out about my third test, but thought that two A’s was a good enough reason to treat myself to a break! One thing I love to do every year or season is browse for upcoming trends. It is interesting to me to see how things trickle down from the runway even to little ol’ College Station who is last to get word on what’s in. So trendsetter or not, here is what we can expect to see this season!

1. Pink


2.) Chained up pieces


3.) Asymmetrical/One shoulder

One shoulder

4.) Hats

5.) Fur


6.) Metallics/Shiny


7.) Biker/Leather

Shoulder Pads on the Runway

8.) Dark shades and Business look


9.) Yellow


10.) 80’s - Shoulder pads?!

Shoulder Pads on the Runway

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Team Edward

Yes, I will admit it- I am a proud member of the Twilight Saga Fan Club. Which means like the rest of you fans out there, I have been looking forward to New Moon coming out this fall. When I heard you could buy tickets for the midnight showing NOW, I jumped on board. Only obstacle was convincing Forrest to come with me on a “school night.” Forrest is very stern in his decision to not make any big plans during the week especially ones that require him staying up until 2 in the morning. He likes his 8 hours of sleep before the work day.

Anyways, I bought two tickets today for the midnight show and called Forrest at work to tell him the good news. He was in a very important meeting (I forgot certain Thursdays during the month were big meeting days) but he answered quietly to make sure it wasn’t anything important. Ha well this was VERY important news to me but I didn’t think it qualified as “urgent” to him so I told him to call me back. Long story short, he called me back and I was able to persuade him to be my date for the big night! I know he is only doing this for me and for that reason, he completely made my day, even more so than the actual purchasing of the tickets.

Edward…Bella, HERE WE COME!

Twilight New Moon

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"To Bubba, Love A-A"

This past weekend was Nena's End of Summer Party but unfortuately I had to stay home to study for a couple of tests I had coming up. I sent my camera with Forrest and his mom took some pics for me. Which by the way, what is it with guys and taking pictures?? The weekend before last, Aaron was in town without Amberly for the game and he had to ask me to take pictures with his camera for her. I don't get it! Anyways, here are some from A-A giving Forrest the Bubba Hat at the party.

Bubba Hat Collage

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Smart Cookie

My little niece looks so smart in her new glasses!  Her ophthalmologist discovered that she is farsighted and has trouble focusing on close objects. He said this might contribute to one of her eyes drifting inward and that if she wore glasses, that problem would probably be fixed. So here she is in her new cute pink glasses! I believe she will need to wear them for a couple of months.

Glasses collage

Friday, September 11, 2009

Flashback Friday "Some things never change"

Miss Sassy Pants...

...and her Country Boy!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Copy Cat

My friend, Ashley, has the most creative blogs and I cannot help but want to use some of her ideas! I enjoyed reading one of her recent posts titled "the always, the sometimes, and the never" and thought I might do some brainstorming about myself:

I always...
get up early enough to eat breakfast.
have my toenails painted.
can justify buying things on sale.
wash my face before going to sleep.
turn up a good song in the car.
compare myself to the class average.
ask around.
talk to my sister during my free time.
miss my mom.
enjoy simple evenings with Forrest.

I sometimes...
treat myself to starbucks.
bite my nails.

feel like I live in v-necks and tanks.
buy expensive beauty products just because.
am too picky when it comes to movies.
wait 'til last minute.
forget to use common sense.
talk to Rocky (Reagan).
wish I lived a little closer to my parents.
like the house to myself.

I never...
have my fingernails painted.
wear tennis shoes unless I am going to the gym.
leave the house without putting on mascara.
get tired of re-runs of friends.
miss class.
find it easy to make a big decision on my own.
forget my sister lives 1,500 miles away.
dread driving when it comes to taking trips home.
want the bed to myself.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mom's Birthday!

This past weekend, I went to visit my mom to celebrate her birthday. We had so much fun just running around on Saturday, eating lunch at our favorite place- Panera Bread, doing a little shopping, and then later going out to dinner. That night after dinner, we rented a movie and I helped my mom in the kitchen. She was going to be attending a BBQ on Sunday thrown by her neighbors in honor of her birthday so she wanted to make her famous potato salad and special K dessert. Then on Sunday morning, we woke up and had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel before I headed back to C.S. to catch up on some reading for class on Monday. Even though I didn't get to spend much time with her on her actual birthday (Sunday),I was just glad I got to see her and spend some of the weekend with her. We LOVE our mother-daughter weekends!! Just wish Sister could have been there- but we talked and checked in with her on the phone most of the
time so she didn't feel left out! :)