Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good Conversations

Yesterday Forrest and I spent a few hours out at Lake Bryan just the two of us. Like many married couples, Forrest and I don't have a hard time having fun together whether it is with a group of people or just us two, and yesterday just really reminded me of how much he is truly my partner in life. We can have fun doing nothing and we never run out of things to talk about. During our many conversations, Forrest just looks at me like I am the prettiest woman in the world and he tells me it all the time. He is always reminding me how lucky he is and how much I am his whole world. He isn't a cliche type talker if you know what I mean...he is always just speaking right from the heart and always says exactly what he is thinking. I love how open and confident he is. We talked a lot about us yesterday as we just sat out by the water and he just told me how nothing in this world would make him happy if I wasn't there to share it with him. I don't blog enough about our marriage or talk a lot about these things because some people mind find it cheesy, but I just have to say that I feel so fortunate to have a husband that loves me so much and isn't afraid to remind me everyday. We are incredibly grateful for our relationship and for each other. This was good timing to blog about this because our 2 year anniversary is on Tuesday and we are extremely proud. :)


ryan and danielle said...

megan, you are so sweet!! and happy 2 YEARS!!!! woohoo!!!!celebrate in style! love you guys and we certainly miss you!

Megan&Forrest said...

Aw thanks girl! We are celebrating tonight! :D

Kasey said...

Megan!!!!! I truly am happy for you!!!! I love reading your blog about you and Forrest! It truly is amazing!!!!