Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guess Who's Pregnant?!

Hope I didn't scare you into thinking it was ME! Because the truth is.....AMBERLY is pregnant with baby #3!!! Her due date is around end of April or beginning of May. She will be going to the doctor soon to give us more details! I will keep everyone posted.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of Fall Semester

Well the fall semester has officially began. Today we had Nurs 313 Fundamentals which is where we will be learning a large chunk of our nursing skills. We will be applying these skills during our clinicals which will be once a week on Thursday after week 6. Until then, we will be having labs on Thursdays. So tomorrow will be lab, then simulation/lab again on Friday. Monday we will have Nurs 312 Pathophysiology and Nurs 322 Informatics. Tuesday we will begin Nurs 316 Pharmacology. I am pretty excited about all of the experience we are going to get this semester but not so much looking forward to reading all of those books! 5-8 chapters to read every night! :/

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Las Vegas!!

This past week, Forrest took off work because I was on a school break so that we could go on a vacation. We had been contemplating on where to go and since neither one of us had been to Vegas, decided to go there for a few days. We stayed at the Mandalay Bay which was very nice and the travel agent said it had a great pool. Well, the pool WAS nice but apparently everyone else thought so too- it was SUPER crowded! The lawn chairs were about 6 in apart and the second we got up- people were asking us for our chairs! That was how most of Vegas was- very crowded and lots of tourists even during the week! I can't say we didn't have fun- we definitely had fun and enjoyed ourselves, but we probably won't go back anytime soon. To us, Vegas is a "see it once" kind of place. We were exhausted after three days and our dogs were barking BAD. I could not wait to come home and get a good pedicure.

On the brighter side, I will say that the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity's was absolutely worth every $12 that it was. I could've had one every day I was there. I LOVED the Cirque du Soleil show- Mystere. It was very neat and a unique experience. The strip looked so neat at night and especially from Ghostbar at the Palms which was my favorite nightclub that we went to. My favorite hotel was the Venetian- it was so stunning and fun to walk through. The Mandalay Bay was better than Bellagio's buffet because the food was a little more normal and less experimental if that makes any sense. The NYNY rollarcoaster was so exciting but then again I haven't been on a rollar coaster in years.....a little jerky though I might add. The rides at the Stratosphere were VERY scary once you got up to the top. I chickened out of one of them...Forrest made me ride the rest. The Bellagio fountains blew me away! I knew they would be gorgeous, but I was absolutely mesmorized. O yes, one last thing- the taxi's were worth every penny. I am sure there were other things here and there, but for the most part these were my highlights!

The trip went like this:

Monday- walked about half the strip, got a frozen hot chocolate (fabulous), rode NYNY rollarcoaster, gambled a little at Bills, saw the fountains, went to Coyote Ugly, back to hotel casinos and bars, bed

Tuesday- Breakfast at Red White and Blue, day at the pool, stratosphere rides, walked other half of strip, margarita at Jimmy Buffets, back to hotel, then out for dinner at Gardunos at Palms (GOOD Mexican food), then to Playboy club, Ghostbar, and Moon, met some Canadian friends, then back to hotel - Foundation Room (had our own private room and felt a little cocky), then finally to bed!

Wednesday- SLEPT IN, walked all the way to Bellagio to try buffet (yes what were we thinking!), took taxi back to hotel to nap ha!, went to Bodies Exhibit at Luxor, dinner at Rhumba? I think was the name- it was brazillian BBQ, then to Treasure Island, watched Sirens of TI show outside hotel, then had great seats to Mystere, then called it a night! We were going to go downtown, but were too tired after the show.

Thursday- Flew back to Austin and drove into College Station! Phew that was a long blog! But here are some pics to make it even longer:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Reagan's Birthday Extravaganza!

Saturday was Reagan's big FIRST birthday party! It took place at the Sniders and she had tons of her best friends in attendance such as Maverick, Bradie, Cece, and several more. Since the theme was SWEETS we had plenty of candy, sugar cookies, colorful cupcakes, cake, and even cotton candy! Once it came time for her to blow out her candle, she dug right into her little smash cake and went to town! She received several goodies such as cute clothes, which she can never get enough of, a few good toys, a personalized story book from her Nonna, walking shoes from her Aunt Tricia, and Lovie blanket from me! All of Sister's hard work paid off- the party was a hit and we all had a blast celebrating her big day!

Snuffers with Family

This past weekend, Forrest and I drove to Mesquite for Reagan's one year birthday party. Friday night, the whole family including all of Sisters family and Darrin's family got together for dinner at Snuffers (in Rockwall) to start the celebration of our little precious princess, Reagan. Being the only granddaughter, niece, etc. in the family and on top of that being the first-born - she is so spoiled! We could all just stare at her all day and night because she is just so cute and fun and we don't get to see her very often. She is SO special to all of us and we sure had a heck of a time starting the weekend off! Here are some pics of us at the restaurant:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reagan is ONE today!!

Yay today is Reagan's FIRST birthday and we get to see her tomorrow!! Her party is on Saturday and boy is that a relief- Sister has been planning that sucker for MONTHS! Haha but that little toot is so worth it. Anyways, party pics are soon to come!