Tuesday, June 29, 2010

0700 – 1900 in the ER

Last week I had my first ER clinical and first 12hr shift and I just LOVED IT. I felt so on fire all day whipping out skills left and right and feeling on top of my game. I don’t know what got into me- I felt so nervous before starting the day, thinking I was going to crack under pressure, but I proved myself wrong! I couldn’t believe how much confidence I had.

It was me and another nursing student, sweet sweet Elizabeth, and for some of the day we just worked on things as a team which was REALLY nice. We did a foley catheter on a male, I have only had a chance to do females so this was a great experience for me. Then I did about 3 IV’s which gave me some good practice.  I also finally had a chance to do an NG tube on the sweetest elderly man who kept holding my hand throughout the day when I would stand by his bed. Him and his wife were the kind of people that make you love your job and the ones you just think about when you say your prayers at  night.

There were several other things that went on that day. One came in by ambulance and was having a STEMI (heart attack). There were about 15 people in his room and I watched from the corner. We had a 9yr old girl r/o  meningitis so I got to see her get a lumbar puncture. The CSF was so clear it looked like water which I would imagine is a good sign. She was so strong, I could tell she was in so much pain. It made me think I might not be able to hand pediatrics.

I got to sit with the triage nurse for a bit to assess patients coming in through the waiting room. One guy had a tire blow out in his face and was experiencing hearing and vision loss so we got to do a visual acuity test with the Snellen chart. There weren’t very many trauma patients throughout the day, just got to see a few bloody hands…no severed fingers or anything like that unfortunately. :)

Overall it was a great experience and I would love to work in the ER upon graduating. It is now down to L&D and ER. Guess I will just see where I can get a job!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tres Anos

Wednesday, Forrest and I celebrated our three year Anniversary by going out to dinner in Houston. We ate at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and the food and wine were both phenomenal. I could have had another glass but since I was scheduled a 12 hr ER clinical the next day, I decided I better not. :( Forrest and I all night kept wishing it was Friday and talking about calling in sick. Unfortunately, you can’t do that in nursing school! Plus, I was really looking forward to my ER day since some students didn’t get one- I actually LOVED it and will blog about that later.

After dinner, we stopped by a country bar on the way home and made a few laps around the dance floor. It just reminded me again of how much I love my cowboy, country boy- he makes me smile so big every time he takes me for a dance. We were only there for a bit, but it was still a nice little addition to our night. Just wished we could have stayed longer!

3 Year Anniversary 0283 Year Anniversary 029_picnik

3 Year Anniversary 032

As for our gifts to each other, we got matching Garmin watches for training. Well Forrest will use it for his training…I just like it for running. I feel like I really gotta step it up now with my fancy watch  and start running more than two miles! :)

3 Year Anniversary 004 O and not only did we get matching watches, we also had the same thing in mind on cards.  I guess we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to birds. He put my artwork to shame, I am almost embarrassed to post. :)

3 Year Anniversary 003

3 Year Anniversary 001 3 Year Anniversary 002

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It’s DAD’s Week!

My dad’s birthday usually falls on the same week as Father’s day so he usually gets extra attention from his girls. We all wish we could be there this week to celebrate with him, but we will make up for it in July when Sister comes home. It just wouldn’t be the same without her and Reagan, so I know it will be worth the wait!

Until then, I love you and Happy Birthday, Dad. We all cannot wait to be with you in just a few more weeks. I am counting down the days! :D

Dads bday collage

Thursday, June 10, 2010

City Girl Meets Country

Forrest and I have been living with his parents for a couple of weeks now. We are waiting for the guest house/apartment to be completed. It has really been a great experience so far, I love my in-laws (I know I am lucky for that), and I compare their home to a bed and breakfast. It is so peaceful and pretty, I wake up every morning to coffee already made, and during my leisure time, Cheri and I shop or lounge in the pool. Yes, summer is off to a great start.

And since this whole country living is new to me, I have learned a great deal in order to survive. I thought I would entertain ya’ll with a few of my experiences so here goes.

You know you are living in the country when…

All restaurants close by 8pm on a Saturday night but not to worry, DQ is open late.

You hear a vibrating noise and think someone’s phone is going off, but nope it is just a family of june bugs on the porch.

Your idea of a good work out is one that involves old VHS work out videos like Tae-Bo, P90, and 8 minute Abs, then going up and down the driveway several times.

You write down every errand you will need to run for the next week and save them all for one day then say to everyone, “I’m going into town, be back in about 8 hrs!”

Everyone around you is “workin hard on the ranch” all day everyday so you feel compelled to be busy at all times even if there really isn’t anything for you to do. I have reorganized my sock drawer three times.

On that note, you worry that if you were to sit on the couch before dark, someone would ask you if you were feeling okay OR just assume you were fine and think  “Lazy!” Either one would be an embarrassing situation, I mean WHO sits on the couch at 6pm after a long day?! Only terrible, not hard working people which is def not me EVER.

You use the phrase, “before dark” in reference to the time of day.

You have at one point thought to yourself, “O, I better get gas while I am in town” as you excitedly pull into the quickest gas station.

You get excited about rain and not because you are a farmer, pah-lease! Way too cool for that. You  just like to spend Friday night out of the porch WATCHING it.

You are impressed at the existence of a round-up sprayer that sprays a whopping 30 feet.

Your 25 year hatred and therefore battle against all bugs on or ar0und you GONE. It is simply not worth it, majority wins, and not only that, you are the only one who cares.

You might as well PLEDGE those dressy clothes unless you get use out of them on Sunday mornings.

Those cute skinny jeans you got in California? The ones you felt like a million bucks in? Nobody appreciates them but you.

You learn the “proper” way of how to help someone back a truck up to a trailer. Apparently, there is more to it than just waving for “keep going”  and hand up for “stop.”

Homemade sweet tea and butter are always out for dinner.

Your mother in-law asks, “Are you going to the social?” in reference to the ice cream and hot dog social the church is having that evening.

And last but not least, among my country - living discoveries:

It ain’t “rustic” unless it has a STAR on it!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Forget Diamonds

CLOSETS are a girl’s best friend

All Moved Out!! 010 (at least mine is!) 

Friday, June 4, 2010


Wow, really? I am 25.

Last night, I went to dinner with Forrest and his parents, meeting his grandparents there. On the way to the restaurant, the four of us were talking about this age and such. And although I could’ve done the math and figured this, I didn’t think about it until now: When Cheri was 25 she was taking care of a 5 year old (Amberly) and a 3 year old (Forrest).

Of course now I am thinking….am I going to be an OLD mom? I have never been in a hurry and Forrest and I clearly have some things to do before we start that (finish school maybe?) But after thinking about this, and how young Forrest’s parents are to be enjoying their grandkids…..I cannot help but think we are going to have to act soon. : \ (by the way, to me, this is “unsure how I feel about this” smiley)

Poor Forrest is probably reading this right now and by the time I see him (IF I ever see him again after this blog) his nails will be gone and his eyes will still be wide open. Sorry, Forrest just writing down my thoughts.

Anyways, enough with that topic, I know the right timing will come. Just have to get through school first- only 6 more months! :D

O yes, and here are bday pics. Forrest got me a Michele watch, the one I have been wanting. His parents got me a shopping tote for the Farmers Market and a little towel wrap for after shower/pool. Then we all went to dinner in North Cypress and had Mexican food.

25th Birthday 001 25th Birthday 002 25th Birthday 003 25th Birthday 005 25th Birthday 006

25th Birthday 007 25th Birthday 008 25th Birthday 010 25th Birthday 011 25th Birthday 013 25th Birthday 015 Thank you Forrest for my watch- I love, and cake- means so much to me.

Thank you Cheri and Forrest for your company and the gifts.

Thank you Nena and Gramps for the fragrance diffuser and little nurse collectors item.

Thank you Matt for the country cook book.

Thank you Sister and Darrin, Mom & Dad for my trip to Ca and all the memories made.

Thank you Mom and Dad also for my MK wallet

Thank you Steph for my Anthropology apron, candle, and cup.

Thank you Ashley for lunch and Bless and Elisha for brunch!

And thank you to all my friends and family who called, text, and wrote nice things on Facebook! You all made my day very SPECIAL.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Tonight my very generous husband made my birthday cake for me and now it is just awaiting for me on the stove top, looking o so perfectly.

This cake is not just any ordinary birthday cake. To me, it is THE ultimate cake and it is very special. His dad has made it for his mom for 30 years. Forrest is carrying on the tradition (so far) and this will be is second year to make it for me.

All Moved Out!! 012 

So tonight I will be having sweet dreams about indulging in it tomorrow. :)