Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thank yous

I also have to mention how special everyone else made my day today and I could not be more thankful! My sister sent me a package full of fashionable goodies...she always knows how to keep her sister in style. Amberly sent me an adorable scarf and gift card to sephora that is going to burn a hole in my pocket. My mom got me a Micheal Kohrs watch that is now permanently attached to my wrist. Cheri and Big Forrest gave me some money and a little shopping spree. My mama (Jaime) is coming in town this Saturday to treat me! We have friends that are wanting to take us out to celebrate this week and weekend!

And last but not least, Forrest got me a wedding band and laptop case for school. I came home around lunch time today after class and knowing my school schedule he surprised me with flowers. And knowing Forrest, he will not conclude Moofikah until tonight so we will probably go out to dinner and finish off the cake!


ryan and danielle said...

LOVE the micheal kors watches! jealous!!

Megan&Forrest said...

I know girl I hear ya! I could probably find about four that I want from MK! :)

Snider Family said...

Sister, I love this picture of you. You look adorable! (and spoiled ROTTEN!)