Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July!

Friday morning, Forrest and I drove down to Galveston to spend 4th of July at Amberly and Aaron's beach house. Once we got there, the 8 of us (Cheri, Big Forrest, Aaron, Amberly, Aiden, Ashton, me and Forrest) had lunch and afterwards headed out to the beach. We played paddle ball, hunted for creatures in the sand, and Amberly taught some of us how to moon walk haha. After a day at the beach, we came home and Cheri made us some homemade pizza which was so good. After getting stuffed on pizza, we just spent the evening indoors and later watched a movie before going to sleep!

Saturday morning, we woke up and had breakfast. Then we all got ready for the rest of the family to come in town (Allison, Tony, Carly, Ricky, Gramps, and Nena). As we were getting ready, Cheri and Amberly told me they had a surprise for me. So they pull out this cute little dress, bracelet, earrings, and flower clip for me to wear for the fourth so that the three of us could all match. How fun are they?! We looked so festive in our little matching outfits and they even did my eye make up for me to match theirs! So once everyone else arrived, we went to the beach. The girls watched while the guys surfed and boogie boarded. Then we came back to the house and hung out downstairs. Aaron really has done a lot to the house to make the underneath part more usable and it is really nice. It was a perfect area for us to all congregate and BBQ. The boys also put together a crawfish boil and the girls figured out how to work Amberly's margarita machine. After eating, we ate watermelon and made homemade ice cream for dessert. That night we rode the golf-cart around on the beach to look for crabs and then came home to watch fireworks. It was so fun watching them straight from the front porch- they were all around us we didn't know where to turn!

The next morning, we had breakfast and then Forrest and I left to come back home. What a fun weekend with lots of memories! :D


ryan and danielle said...

sounds like a great 4th!! don't you just love being at the beach!?

Megan&Forrest said...

YES we love going! It was the best weather and so relaxing. It is even neater being there for the 4th because the fireworks were all around us. Def had a good time! :)