Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Houston Half-Marathon

Forrest and I along with Amberly, Aaron, and Tony did the big Houston half-marathon on Sunday, January 30th.  Several months ago we registered for this race and boy did I not know what I was getting into! At first I was excited because we were chosen through a lottery selection process. That sounds fun right? Lottery selection, getting chosen and all….. I know I sure felt special. But then I realized, wait…now I have to really do this and I can barely run 4 miles at this point! A little panic began to set in, but luckily I had Amberly right there by my side feeling the same way. A little misery loves company I guess you could say!
So months went by and I attempted a training schedule. I am not going to lie…it was really hard once I got into the end of nursing school with graduation and all, oh and not to mention the holidays, my gosh what a terrible time to be thinking about RUNNING. So, I fell a little behind. Forrest, Mr. Dedicated, and worried about my commitment, got onto me a few times. He eventually caused me enough guilt to make me run a few times in the blistering cold. I was able to work up to a 9 mile run. It wasn’t too bad I guess. I felt good afterwards, and it gave me enough confidence that I would not die in a couple weeks.
The weekend of the race was all about having fun. We checked into our hotel on Saturday, the day before. We stayed at the Four Seasons in dowtown Houston right outside the race start, and finish line. The minute we checked in, my little “vacation mode” went off and although we would be cautious as to how we spent out time that night, I knew we were going to be making the most of our night away from home. Forrest treated me to a very fancy Italian buffet at the restaurant, Quatro, which was loaded with carbs. I thought it was wonderful but Forrest is never really impressed with noodles. We had a good time though.
The next morning, we woke up early and Amberly and Aaron called to say they were going to meet us at our hotel room before the race. The weather was yucky, chilly and rainy, so we didn’t rush to the start line. Luckily once we got down there, it was not bad at all. We got caught under a few rain clouds during the race but overall it was tolerable…although my hair would not agree.
I ran the entire thing with Amberly. I don’t know about everyone else but we absolutely had the times of our lives! We high fived at every mile marker and just kept positive throughout the whole course. We initially planned to run the first 10 miles and allowed ourselves the privilege of walking the rest, but soon after we started (and before we started hurting), we decided we were going to run every mile to the finish line. And we did, we never walked once. And boy, did it feel good to cross the finish line.
Forrest did amazing. He flew through that race. He did it in 1 hour and 50 minutes, placing him in the top 8% of all the finishers. WOW.  I am still blown away at how great he did. I am so proud of him!  Half Marathon 005_picnik1 
Half Marathon 008
Half Marathon 020Half Marathon 016_picnik

Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas day started with a gift exchange between Forrest and I. I have been wanting a nice camera for awhile now especially with his Ironman race coming up in May. I wanted to have a fancy enough camera that I could take continuous shots of him. He went above and beyond what I hoped for and got me a really nice Canon camera. He wanted from me something small, something to display pictures of his race back in October. I found a frame to put a picture of each event in it (swim, bike, run) and last, one of him crossing the finish line. Then the silver plate at the bottom of the frame has his name and the event details engraved.

Christmas Eve in Mesquite! 147 Christmas Eve in Mesquite! 154

Later Christmas day, we went over to Forrest’s parents house to enjoy some chili and tamales, a little gift opening, and a game of pinata, thanks to Nataly. I guess you could say we had a Mexican Christmas this year!

Christmas at Ranch 004 Christmas at Ranch 008 Christmas at Ranch 010 Christmas at Ranch 016 Christmas at Ranch 023 Christmas at Ranch 028 Christmas at Ranch 029 Christmas at Ranch 034

Christmas at Ranch 039 Christmas at Ranch 040 Christmas at Ranch 041

Christmas at Ranch 048 Christmas at Ranch 049 Christmas at Ranch 055

Christmas at Ranch 058 Christmas at Ranch 060 Christmas at Ranch 066

Christmas at Ranch 072

Christmas at Ranch 077 Christmas at Ranch 079

Christmas at Ranch 081 Christmas at Ranch 085

Christmas at Ranch 088 Christmas at Ranch 090

Christmas at Ranch 091 Christmas at Ranch 092

Christmas at Ranch 101 Christmas at Ranch 104 Christmas at Ranch 106

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve 2010 was perfect. Forrest and I drove to Mesquite to spend the day with my family. We enjoyed a good church service, came home to indulge in a fabulous Italian dinner prepared by the Momma Bird herself. Following dinner, we had a fun gift opening session. Hottest gifts of the night go to: Michele watches, and triathlon canvas pictures.

Overall a fun filled day and lots of good memories made. More to come as we spend Christmas day at the Ranch. 156708_10100486642236934_8360867_69965942_436060_n 167301_10100486640310794_8360867_69965899_6119748_n


Christmas Eve in Mesquite! 008

Christmas Eve in Mesquite! 019Christmas Eve in Mesquite! 004Christmas Eve in Mesquite! 021Christmas Eve in Mesquite! 020 Christmas Eve in Mesquite! 023

Christmas Eve in Mesquite! 053Christmas Eve in Mesquite! 054Christmas Eve in Mesquite! 066Christmas Eve in Mesquite! 063Christmas Eve in Mesquite! 051Christmas Eve in Mesquite! 062 Christmas Eve in Mesquite! 156 Christmas Eve in Mesquite! 160

IMG_0858Christmas Eve in Mesquite! 172