Monday, June 1, 2009

First Day of School

Well today was officially my first day of school! I only had Health Assesment today and will have a different class tomorrow. My professor for this class is the lady I knew before applying the program (Cathy) and she is going to be a great teacher. She has made herself so available to us that she has given us permission to call and even text her if we ever have any questions throughout the semester. The first half of class was spent mostly talking about how this semester was going to go and then the last half was our first lecture. After class, Matt and I got lunch at Chipotle. Hanging out with him just makes me even more excited about the program because we really know how to get things done for school and at the same time make each other laugh! :)

Overall things went great and although I am a little overwhelmed, I am a super relieved to have the "first day" over with. Now I am just printing a ton of notes off and I am off to Target to get a few school supplies!

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