Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Moofikah

Even though Forrest making me the cake was definitely the highlight of my birthday this year, Forrest's parents really made it special too. While Forrest and his dad baked my cake, Cheri took me shopping and spoiled me. And then that night Forrest had made reservations for the four of us to eat at Republic. The dinner was really good but the best part about it was the company. I don't mean that to sound corny. All four of us were seriously in tears at one point in the night because we were laughing so hard. I cannot even say what we were laughing at...all I know is it started with Forrest making a comment about the tiny sliver of bread we got before our dinner. Then when our crab cakes came out for an appetizer (which were the size of about two tater tots) he said that he thought the waiter might have eaten four of them on our way to our table. Ha! He has never understood upscale restaurants and why you pay more for less food. I guess I kind of see where he is coming but understand sacrificing quantity for quality in those type of places. Anyways, after dinner we came home and finally got to dig into the cake!


ryan and danielle said...

MOOFIKAH, hahaha the cutest title and nickname for your celebration. sounds like you have had a wonderful birthday! gettin all grown up megs!

Megan&Forrest said...

Haha Forrest made that name up a couple of years ago but this year it really stuck! I am almost positive he is going to be getting a Hanukkah candle for next year! :/