Friday, January 8, 2010

Wish they all could be...

California Girls!

Living like a California girl with my sis and Reagan has been amazing. I get to spend 10 days here and I could not imagine a better trip so far. First off, when I am visiting, I do not have any expectations because all I care about is seeing my sis and her family. Some of my favorite memories are us just sitting around in our pjs in the morning watching GAC! But they always go above and beyond to entertain me. This time, we started off the trip by going to dinner to a place called Cafe Coyote- some of the BEST Mexican food I have ever had. The restaurant is in Old Town San Diego which is a neat place to see if you are ever there. We walked around Old Town and found a neat store with really authentic Mexican looking things. Really just all of the stores are fun to walk around in.

The next day, the three of us girls went to Fashion Valley to shop. This is a really good mall with a lot of big stores like Nordstrom & Neimans (which I don't waste my time in!) but just to give you an idea of what kind of mall it is. We did a little shopping but mainly just walked around. The weather is just so pretty in Ca, it is nice to do as much as you can outside!

Another shopping center we visited that I enjoy going to when in town, is Otay Ranch. We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory there and again enjoyed walking around, stopping in a store once in awhile. So nice to do those kinds of things because we don't have anything like that in College Station!

We took Reagan for a ride that night in the wagon. :)

I took this picture for Forrest because it has a little history behind it. Long story short, his nickname for me derived from this ice cream store!

Here, Reagan is officially 17 months old! Big girl! We celebrated with a big milestone: TWO bows in her hair. Later we got some pictures of her having fun at Gymboree, making it easy for us to shop for her. We stopped at McDonalds afterwards for some sweet tea and Reagan LOVED it- she hogged it all! She had the tightest grasp on it, we couldn't get it back from her!

The next set of pictures are us girls at Coronado Beach. We caught the sunset which was beautiful and walked around some little boutiques there. Later when Darrin came home, we went back for ice cream at the Coronado hotel, a good historical place to visit. We found a cozy spot by a fire and all indulged, especially Reagan!

Overall a fabulous first half of my trip. I am looking forward to the rest!!!

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