Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gotta Look Professional!

Yesterday we had an all day event, the HSC Luncheon & Convocation. All of the Texas A&M Health Science Center schools got together including Baylor College of Dentistry, College of Medicine, SRPH (School of Rural Public Health), College of Pharmacy, and of course the youngest of them all- the College of Nursing!

And, don't ask why they make us wear white is just plain silly if you ask me!

O, and one more thing: IV CHECK OFF's TOMORROW! Which means after tomorrow, we are "qualified" to start IV's during clinical as long as our patients consent to it. So nerve racking but BIG milestone for us nursing students!

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Ginni said...

Good luck tomorrow with IV starts, I am sure you will do great! Just be confident that goes along with your patient.