Monday, January 11, 2010

La Jolla & Laguna Beach

Like I said before, my sis and Darrin REALLY know how to entertain. This past weekend, they took me to La Jolla beach then to Laguna beach the next day. Since I have been to California a few times now, they like to think of new things for us to do when I am in town. Isn't that so nice? I cannot be grateful enough because they know they don't have to do that for me! Anyways, we made it to La Jolla on Saturday just in time to see the sunset. The sunsets in Ca are absolutely stunning and even neater to watch on the beach. The colors are so bright and change so quickly- I could not get enough pictures! After the sunset, we went to my sis & Darrin's favorite Mexican restaurant nearby and had the BEST guacamole dip...I think I ate more than the three of them combined! We watched the waiter make it and think the key is the orange they squeeze on top and the finely chopped jalapeƱos. I am going to have to try and make it at home sometime!

Saturday, we woke up early and headed to an awesome breakfast place, my sis had been wanting to take me to. She knows how much I love breakfast and this place was famous for their pancakes. We ordered strawberry banana pancakes with some eggs & bacon. It was such a treat and great way to start out our day. Then we headed to Laguna beach where we did a little shopping, mainly walking, around. We did find a MUST- cute summer/beachy dress marked down to $15. Later we drove through Huntington beach and stopped to eat a late lunch at Cheesecake Factory and had our favorite, the chopped salad. After eating we headed back to Laguna to see the sunset and Darrin found the perfect spot. We went down some stairs (that almost looked private) and enjoyed the beach where it looked like nobody else really a secret spot! It was like a dream, so breathtaking to watch the waves rolling in and the sky change colors. It was seriously heaven! I wished Forrest could've at least been there for that part of the trip because it was so incredible.

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