Sunday, January 24, 2010

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I wish I would've started blogging from the very beginning, but the holidays kind of consumed my time. So a little over a month ago Forrest started to train for a triathlon. He signed up for the sprint in Galveston this April and plans to complete the Ironman 70.3 in Austin this October. He might do a few other events in between for practice, but for now these are the two he is registered for.

As of today, he is running between 3-6 miles about 4 days a week. He just started swimming about a week ago. He is swimming about 1/4 mile taking breaks in between- this is the hardest part for him so far because he is having to figure out good form, breathing, etc. I went with him this past weekend to watch him and offer any advice although it was many years ago that I swam. I might not be able to get in the water and swim like I used to but I remember a lot of the things I was taught. He enjoyed my company and coaching tips and by the end of his practice, he had already improved so much.

So lastly, he is going to start cycling now that he has a bike. We shopped around this weekend and found one he liked for a good deal at Aggieland Cycling. He of course had to buy a few accessories like some apparel, shoes, and a helmet. We had to order the shoes because apparently his feet are bigger than the average triathlete, but they are the kind that clip onto the pedals. Fancy, I know! I didn't even know this kind of stuff existed until now. It is like a whole new world when you get into these kinds of events.

I am just so proud of him and really enjoy being a part of this whole process. He is so dedicated and I know at times he is thinking "what the heck did I sign up for" but he has really stuck with it. I know this training takes so much time and patience to get to where you want to be and I am just so proud that he has come as far as he has in just one month. I can already see changes in his body (which is nice!) but really the most important thing to me is his health and accomplishment.

I will continue to blog about where he is at as far as training and most definitely post pictures in a few months of his very first triathlon. For now, here are some pics of his new things!

He has lost about 10 lbs and I have really noticed a difference in his muscle mass.
I liked this picture of him!

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Donna Homire said...

Good Luck!!!! All your hard work will pay off in the long run. You have a pretty good swim coach and and the two of you make a awesome duo. Supporting each others goals is important in a relationship and I know you and Megan realize that and are on the right road to a very special marriage. Given that, I expect a signed T-shirt when you complete this task. MommaBird