Monday, January 18, 2010

Last Night of Freedom

Tomorrow is a big day! FIRST DAY OF SPRING SEMESTER! We are taking Adult Health I (Med/Surg) which is a biggie, Mental Health, Nursing & the Aged, and last but not least, the one I think might be my favorite- Nursing Care of Women, Families, & Newborns. We will spend most of our time in simulation or in the hospital, having only 1 1/2 days a week spent in the classroom.

Also, starting this year, I am on the class council serving as the Accelerated Class Representative. Which means, this Tuesday I will be a part of a student panel held for the new class. This is a chance for them to ask us any questions that might help them prepare for their first semester. Then on Wednesday we are required to attend the HSC student luncheon which means guess what, no class that day! Don't worry, they aren't letting us off the hook that easy on our first week. We have already been assigned readings and videos for the first day which I finished so that I could watch the Bachelor with Forrest!

Anyways, our class is going to be pretty busy this semester but I am sure by the end we will all say it went fast.

That's it for to watch our show. We are rooting for Tenley!


Donna Homire said...
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Donna Homire said...

Good Luck can do it. I have all the faith in you. I know for a fact you only take on challanges that are in your best interest and set goals you can reach. Take time to take a deep breath when you need to and get plenty of sleep. Taking care of yourself helps you take care of others. I love you BabyBird.. " )