Thursday, October 8, 2009


My mother-in-law is very much an early planner when it comes to Christmas and I will prove this to you by saying that she has already emailed all of us (Me & Forrest and Amberly’s family) to ask us for our Christmas list. She gives us an allowance and then tells us to send her website links to the things we want or offers to just take us shopping. Then she perfectly wraps everything in the prettiest paper and bows, sits it under the beautiful tree, and we have the best time opening them. She always throws in a few extra things that we don’t know about and fills our stockings full of little goodies too. Isn’t she so fun?

Anyways, she got me thinking of some things I want this year and I realized I am in need of some new make up items. I have a complete smorgasbord of make up and I am not crazy about having a cosmetic bag full of the same brand. I like to ask around and find out items people are “married to” and then once I am happy with something, I do the same. Now I know I am no expert, but I thought I would just share a little insight into a few commitments I have made.  :)

Commitment #1: Lip Gloss: CHANEL

Commitment #2: Blush: NARS

make up 3

Commitment #3: Concealer: MAC

Commitment #4: Mascara: CoverGirl lash blast

Commitment #5: Powder: Smashbox

Commitment #6: Eyeshadow: Bobby Brown (cream)

Commitment #7: Eyeliner & Eyebrow Pencils : CoverGirl

make up 4

Commitment #8: Brush: Japonesque

brush collage


Snider Family said...

Make sure you bring all that new make-up here when you come! :)

JessicAllen said...

Thanks for sharing. I am TERRIBLE about keeping makeup for the longest. No telling what kind of gross stuff is growing inside my makeup bag. I won't tell how long I've had some things in it that I STILL use. Anyway, I'm getting all new makeup for my b-day this year so thanks for the ideas!

Megan & Forrest said...

O good Jessica I am glad I could help! I know what you mean- sometimes it is hard to get rid of stuff even if you don't use it!

Sister for sure you know I will be bringing it so you can use it all! :)