Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Good Day in Clinical

This morning during clinical, I had the privilege of giving my first injection med to a patient. It was Lovenox administered subcutaneously- in the love handles. Good way to remember right? Too bad they aren’t all that easy to memorize!

After all of the hard work put in and stress of nursing school, my patient today just reminded me of how worthwhile it all is. When I first arrived, my patient was very frustrated. He had pulled out his IV and foley catheter during the night and tried to get out of bed even though he was not in any condition to be doing so. He is 79 yrs old,  postop having had a right hemicolectomy two days ago, and also has dementia associated with Alzheimer’s. So you can imagine his frustration right?

Anyways, I did everything I could to make him happy but keep him SAFE because they don’t always know what’s best for them. I just feel really good about the job I did today, like I really made a difference in his hospital experience. Before I left, I told him thank you for letting me take care of him and he, happy as could be, just teared up and said “God bless you.”


Donna Homire said...

Megan, after reading this I realize how very special and gifted you are. You will be a vital citizen in your community, where ever you live. You are in tune to how others feel and truly care about them. You have a quality about you that make people feel comfortable. You are going to be a very good nurse and if you change your mind, since you have a way with words, you could be a writer. Love you, Mommabird ")

Snider Family said...

After the day I had today I just had a melt down after reading your blog.

You are so sweet and God has definitely blessed you with an extremely loving, caring and patient soul. You are going to be a great nurse and do wonderful things in the hospitals.

I am so proud of you.

Staggs' Family Fun said...

I love this Meg! You are wise beyond your years and your mom and sister have everything in the world to be proud of in you. Good job!