Monday, October 5, 2009

Football Games & State Fair

This football season has been fun so far and the Aggies have been winning with the exception of Arkansas. Aaron got a camper this season so we have been tailgating in the RV area instead of our old spot on the corner in front of Reed. The weekend we played UAB, we didn’t tailgate but Forrest’s parents came in town. The four of us went to La Bodega for lunch, northgate, then to the game. Then this past weekend, we played Arkansas at the Cowboys’ Stadium in Dallas so we drove there and went to the State Fair before going to the game. We had a great time with my parents at the fair and made it just in time to beat the rain! It started to rain as we left and then rained the whole evening. The stadium was really neat and the game was fun even though we lost. Overall a great trip to Dallas!  :)

UAB game collage

State Fair Collage 

Arkansas Game collage

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Snider Family said...

Cute! I wish I could do fun things like this, I need to figure out how Mac does it! I love all the fair pictures and your outfit was adorable as always!