Monday, March 1, 2010

Dusted off my heels!

I think its safe to say my black heels have been collecting dust, LITERALLY. We really hardly get together with friends, especially big groups, and go out on the town. I guess we kind of get used to just staying in or being busy with other things. I know, how boring are we in our twenties with no kids? I bet young parents out there are thinking we are crazy for not taking advantage of late night events!

Well Saturday (after dusting off my heels of course), we redeemed our homebody selves by accepting an invitation to join about 4 other couples in a night out in Houston. We took a limo to the restaurant, El Tiempo, for a friend’s birthday. Jarrad, the birthday boy, is the soon to be husband of my good friend, Elisha, whom I met in college. They are adorable and have introduced us to some of the most incredible and fun people to be around. Their wedding will be in May so they have some fun wedding events coming up that we will enjoy being a part of, as well as the wedding.

Anyways, it was really fun to not only get out of the house but to go “out” in the city. Not that I don’t enjoy living in College Station, it is just that the crowds can be a little “young” if you know what I mean. Plus, it is just nice to go somewhere else no matter where you live. And who would turn down an opportunity to ride in a limo?! Forrest made fun of me because of how excited I got about the limo. Maybe it is a girl thing to like getting dressed up and chauffeured around every once in awhile. I am not going to lie, I was feeling a little cocky!

I am so glad we went, the night was filled with laughs. I can’t wait to do it again! Who’s birthday can we celebrate next? :)

Jarod's 30th Bday 002 Jarod's 30th Bday 003 Jarod's 30th Bday 004Jarod's 30th Bday 010

Jarod's 30th Bday 015Jarod's 30th Bday 017

Jarod's 30th Bday 018

Jarod's 30th Bday 020 [1]

Jarod's 30th Bday 022 Jarod's 30th Bday 023

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Donna Homire said...

Who is that handsome dapper guy you are with Megan?