Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beauty Brands I Love

Clarins skincare products. Awhile back I tried a sample of this Clarins moisturizer and fell in love with it. It makes your skin feel so soft and the consistency of the cream is perfect- it rubs in so easily. You can even put make up on, on top of it and it doesn’t feel “cakey.” Anyways, I am married to it now and will never go back to any of my old moisturizers. It is a little pricey BUT a little goes a long way so it will probably last over a year and that is considering I use it twice a day!Clarins

Garnier Fructis hair styling products. Several months ago, I went with my mom to get her hair done and her stylist was using Fructis body boost. I was kind of surprised considering most hair stylists use the “professional” brands like Pureology, Biolage, etc. I asked him about it and he said it works better than anything he has ever tried! So, I tried it out myself and also picked up some hair spray- LOVE them both. I don’t buy anything else and they are CHEAP.


fructis 2

Aveeno HAIR CARE products. I have bought Aveeno skin care products in the past and enjoy them as well. But their new line of hair products really impressed me (I say that like I am such a hair care connoisseur, haha). I have been swapping back and forth between Biolage and Pantene for several years until now. What I really liked about Biolage was how good it lathered- it made my hair feel EXTRA clean. Aveeno does the same thing if not MORE and it is much cheaper. In fact, I still have some Biolage left over and I use  it for my “I don’t care days” and save my Aveeno for my “I DO care days!”


Just thought I would share some more commitments I have made!!

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