Sunday, March 7, 2010

Armadillo Dash- Half Marathon

Half Marathon 009

This morning, Forrest ran his FIRST half marathon with Tony here in College Station. According to his Garmin he finished with a time of  2:02:24 – Whoop! I was so proud of him!! I ran the 5K so I finished over an hour before him and waited at the finish line, making friends with other wives. It was so exciting watching everyone sprint to the finish line and then seeing Forrest come around the corner- I was just overwhelmed with excitement. I started yelling and jumping up and down, probably embarrassing myself a little. I just couldn’t have been any prouder watching him finish! I can’t imagine how I will be in April when he does his first triathlon. I am going to have to make some posters or T-shirts or something!

Go Forrest! Or should I say- Run Forrest run!! :D

O and my time, if anyone is interested was- 30:10. My goal is to be running 4 miles by the end of this month.

Half Marathon 006Half Marathon 007Half Marathon 008

Half Marathon 010 Half Marathon 011 Half Marathon 013

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Donna Homire said...

CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! You two look healthy and happy. Doesn't get better than that.... " )