Monday, February 22, 2010

Little big things

Remember how I said in my previous Valentines post how it is the little things that are “big” to me in a marriage?

Today I came home from an SNA fundraiser to my husband and a card on the counter with a big “m” shaped bird on it- this means it is for me. :)

(Forrest’s nickname for me is Bird- I hardly ever hear him call me Megan…it is always Bird. And, anytime he addresses me somehow on paper like leaving me a note,  gift tags, cards, etc he will draw a little bird on it instead of writing it out).

Okay might seem like too much information- but you will understand why I had to explain that later in the blog. So, I open the envelope and pull out an “I’m Proud of You” kind of card with the sweetest, most encouraging things written in it about me being in nursing school. He did this because I made an “A” on my test today which means I made all “A”s on my first round of tests this semester. It really made me want to keep working harder- I love knowing that I am making him a proud husband because I am so proud of him too.

Anyways, I was pretty excited when I found out about my grade today, so I emailed him in class right away to share the good news. My test experience usually goes like this: study, spend time with Forrest, study, study, study, then off to take my test and Forrest ALWAYS wishes me good luck, sometimes even twice if he calls beforehand, take test, call or email Forrest right after to talk about the test or tell him my grade if I know it already.

So now, time to brag on Forrest: he completed a 20 mile bike ride this past Sunday with his brother in law. He is doing a half-marathon(Armadillo Dash) in two weeks. He ran 10 miles for the first time ever last week and did it in 94 minutes. We practiced flip turns in the water on Sunday so he can get used to swimming continuously. O, and he got me some new running shoes. :)

Sweet card 001

Sweet card 002

Sweet card 003


Donna Homire said...

Thank you Forrest for being the man you are and a honorable husband to Megan.

ryan and danielle said...

how sweet!!! i am glad he communicates his proud moments to you! and way to go forrest on the bike ride!! and good luck on the run! you will do great!