Friday, February 12, 2010

What a mess!

One of the pre-clinical paperwork assignments we have to do for Med/Surg is a concept map or “patho tree.” These are quite complex diagrams or maps of our client’s case. I know it sounds confusing, but just imagine trying to draw one and on top of that, keep it nice and organized as you critically think! Mine today was over a case involving cholelithiasis (presence of gallstones in gallbladder) that lead to choledolithiasis (obstruction of gallstone in common duct) with subsequent open cholecystectomy (surgery to remove gallbladder).

Patho Tree 028

Today was my first surgical floor clinical rotation and first day at the CS Medical Center. I have been in OB the first few weeks of this semester. I guess I didn’t talk much about my experiences but I thoroughly enjoyed OB. I had L&D for two days and the postpartum the next week for two days. They have been my favorite so far. I also did a L&D simulation performance type thing in our sim lab for some juniors in high school participating in the Junior Leadership Brazos program- which ironically I used to coordinate when I worked for the B/CS Chamber of Commerce. It was really neat- my old boss got to see me in action!! Then yesterday, I was at the prenatal clinic in Bryan which was pretty neat as well.

As for today, I know this is probably a boring blog to most of you, but it is mainly for me to look back at one day. The hardest thing I saw today was a 41 yo female post mastectomy- I watched wound care change her dressing. It was the most graphic thing I have seen yet in the hospital and very hard to watch, especially knowing that she had a terminal prognosis. I will probably never forget this woman and her case- it made me realize a few things about the reality that nurses face on a day to day basis.

I few skills I performed today: I hung an IV piggyback, administered IV push, dealt with IV central line, saw a bad case of jaundice, pitting edema, caught a critical lab value (albumin at 1.5 g/dL) and reported it to my professor, witnessed an ethical dilemma b/w another patient and his doctor. O, and last but not least, cleaned up a large bowel movement mess. Isn’t nursing so glamorous?! Ha!

Overall, a pretty educational day. Happy Friday everyone!


Ginni said...

Wow Megan, this brings back so many memories!! Good and the bad (plan of care map). It sounds like you are becoming a great nurse! I loved L&D too until I went to peds, then that was my fave! Thanks for sharing, this post is not at all boring to me, I enjoy reading about it! I hope you enjoy your med/surg clinical!

Donna Homire said...

Megan.......I am at lost for words. You never cease to amaze me. Just when I think your plate is to full, you take on more. You just keep pushing forward sweetie and this will all pay off for you. My payoff is you and sister.

Megan & Forrest said...

Thank you Ginni, you are so sweet and thoughtful!

Thank you Momma Bird- I am so thankful for your support and love all my life. I love you so much!