Friday, September 25, 2009

Flashback Friday “Speaking of Trends…”

Flashback Friday

are sliders under shorts ever coming back? :)


Snider Family said...

HAHA!! Sister you are taking this flashback to a WHOLE new level!! Talk about a D I V A, I have known style for a long time I see!

Red and white polka dot silk shirt - check
White shorts - check
Matching white sliders - check
Matching red socks - check
Im sure there was a bow back there - check

I was wondering it it was cool to wear Barney when you are 8 years old? :)

Snider Family said...

Not to mention you STILL have your church shoes on!!! Nice black flats!!

Megan & Forrest said...

Hahaha church shoes! I know I remember when Mom bought that outfit feeling like I was too cool for Barney. Guess I liked it enough to wear it anyway!

I think that outfit you had on was one of your favorites. Didn't you have that exact same shirt on for your 6th grade yearbook pic? :)

The McCoys said...

This is awesome! Just think Reagan is always dressed so cute...but one day she will still say "what in the heck were you thinking?" :)