Thursday, September 17, 2009

Team Edward

Yes, I will admit it- I am a proud member of the Twilight Saga Fan Club. Which means like the rest of you fans out there, I have been looking forward to New Moon coming out this fall. When I heard you could buy tickets for the midnight showing NOW, I jumped on board. Only obstacle was convincing Forrest to come with me on a “school night.” Forrest is very stern in his decision to not make any big plans during the week especially ones that require him staying up until 2 in the morning. He likes his 8 hours of sleep before the work day.

Anyways, I bought two tickets today for the midnight show and called Forrest at work to tell him the good news. He was in a very important meeting (I forgot certain Thursdays during the month were big meeting days) but he answered quietly to make sure it wasn’t anything important. Ha well this was VERY important news to me but I didn’t think it qualified as “urgent” to him so I told him to call me back. Long story short, he called me back and I was able to persuade him to be my date for the big night! I know he is only doing this for me and for that reason, he completely made my day, even more so than the actual purchasing of the tickets.

Edward…Bella, HERE WE COME!

Twilight New Moon

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