Thursday, September 24, 2009

Taste of Fall

I know this weather we have been experiencing may not be here to stay, but it has definitely gotten me in the mood for fall. During the busiest week of nursing school thus far (actually two weeks), I have wanted nothing more but to cozy up on the couch or shop- neither of which are productive. I will say though, these are simply urges that I have mostly been able to ignore and that I have done quite well at staying on task for school. I have aced two tests and yet to find out about my third test, but thought that two A’s was a good enough reason to treat myself to a break! One thing I love to do every year or season is browse for upcoming trends. It is interesting to me to see how things trickle down from the runway even to little ol’ College Station who is last to get word on what’s in. So trendsetter or not, here is what we can expect to see this season!

1. Pink


2.) Chained up pieces


3.) Asymmetrical/One shoulder

One shoulder

4.) Hats

5.) Fur


6.) Metallics/Shiny


7.) Biker/Leather

Shoulder Pads on the Runway

8.) Dark shades and Business look


9.) Yellow


10.) 80’s - Shoulder pads?!

Shoulder Pads on the Runway


Snider Family said...

Sister, you HAVE been shopping and trend searching lately!! We are such a good team, you search for it and I, since I am living in CA not in College Station, seek out to buy it for us!

Megan & Forrest said...

Yes definitely! I am saving my money for my next trip out there! :D

Snider Family said...

haha, always thinking about what we can SELL!