Sunday, September 6, 2009

Copy Cat

My friend, Ashley, has the most creative blogs and I cannot help but want to use some of her ideas! I enjoyed reading one of her recent posts titled "the always, the sometimes, and the never" and thought I might do some brainstorming about myself:

I always...
get up early enough to eat breakfast.
have my toenails painted.
can justify buying things on sale.
wash my face before going to sleep.
turn up a good song in the car.
compare myself to the class average.
ask around.
talk to my sister during my free time.
miss my mom.
enjoy simple evenings with Forrest.

I sometimes...
treat myself to starbucks.
bite my nails.

feel like I live in v-necks and tanks.
buy expensive beauty products just because.
am too picky when it comes to movies.
wait 'til last minute.
forget to use common sense.
talk to Rocky (Reagan).
wish I lived a little closer to my parents.
like the house to myself.

I never...
have my fingernails painted.
wear tennis shoes unless I am going to the gym.
leave the house without putting on mascara.
get tired of re-runs of friends.
miss class.
find it easy to make a big decision on my own.
forget my sister lives 1,500 miles away.
dread driving when it comes to taking trips home.
want the bed to myself.


Snider Family said...

holy tears on the I never....forget my sister lives 1,500 miles away. I love you sister

DASH Photography said...

Megan.. I loved reading this! Isn't it fun? :) Dan & I will be in CS in a couple of weeks...Sept 19th. I'll give you a call. Hope you guys will be around. We miss you two!

Megan&Forrest said...

Miss yall too Ash! Yes definitely call us. Your blogs are awesome! I cant believe I just now realized you had one. You are so creative! Yes it is so fun- I need to get better at it. :)