Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday- finally get to visit Sister's church!

Sunday morning my sister, Amberly, and I went to my sister's church. I had been looking forward to going because my sister speaks so highly of it. I was so impressed and moved by the service and the was absolutely incredible. I wish so badly that we had a church like theirs here! After church, we ate at California Pizza Kitchen and all had the chicken Caesar sandwich which is my absolute favorite! Afterwards, you guessed it- more shopping! haha...well we wanted to check out DSW because Amberly was looking for these cute sandals and my sister suggested DSW. Sure enough, we found what she was looking for! Later we took Amberly to the airport and at the same time, picked up Darrin since he was flying back from Vegas.

Then...that evening....changed my life. I watched...for the first time.........TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!! I had finished the book awhile back but was waiting to rent it and watch it with my sister who was also reading it. I don't know if she liked it as much as I did but I will admit that I am so googly-eyed for Edward! What a HUNK! That Bella girl is a lucky dog! I can't wait for New Moon. better get to reading young lady! I am almost through! :)


ryan and danielle said...

i could stare at edward all day too! just picture me (swaying) and googly eyed. hahahahahahhaha!

Snider Family said...

OH MY GOSH, NO YOU DIDN'T!!! DORK!! I am definitely not as googly eyed over Edward like everyone else is! Especially you! I am sticking to Kris Allen! ;)

Megan&Forrest said...

LOL Danielle you swaying!!! Haha so true- that is how I was ALL night after watching the movie! SISTER- you and your American Idol! haha even DORKIER!