Monday, April 6, 2009

So CA continued...we are now on Monday!

So Monday we had planned on going to the San Diego Zoo. I love doing things like this and I find animals so entertaining. Plus I mean it is the renown SAN DIEGO ZOO- I had to visit! This ended up being the one of the FUNNIEST days I swear- me and Sister had the giggles all day starting with.....the odd looking animal (we still are not sure what it was) that looked as if it were catchin some rays. When I got my camera out to take a pic it just stared at me and squinted its eyes- no not squinted like Amberly and Sister the morning I woke them up- squinted like a "I'm too sexy for this zoo!" HAHAHA I don't even think anyone else would understand some of the stuff we were laughing at. Sister gets in these moods when she is so hilarious and doesn't even know it! I love it! Anyways, by the end of the day, our dogs were barking and man was it a relief to get out of those SHOES- right sis!?

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Snider Family said...

bahahaha!! This is BY FAR your funniest blog yet! I am still cracking up!! Man you are putting mine to SHAME! I want to re-write mine!!