Sunday, April 5, 2009

LA & Hollywood!

So the next morning on Friday, our second day there, we headed out to LA to make our reservations at the Ivy- a supposedly hot spot to dine for lunch. Although we did not see any celebrities, we sure felt like some! The restaurant was really charming and had beautiful scenery, but what we ordered wasn't spectacular. The overall experience was pretty neat at least for me and for my sister and Reagan, not so much! It was a little too small and crowded for a baby, so she walked Reagan around while we finished eating. Afterwards, we walked around some shopping centers there and drove down Rodeo Dr. Then we went to Hollywood and walked along the stars and did MORE shopping! The weather and shopping centers are so great in Ca, you can't help but want to walk around every one you come across! :)
That evening, we checked into the Loews hotel in Santa Monica and for dinner, we decided to order Caliornia Pizza Kitchen take out and bring it back to the hotel. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice night out on the balcony which was huge and had the best view of the ocean and Santa Monica Pier. It just doesn't get much better than that! :D


Snider Family said...

Im sooory changed your background to California Dreamin!!

Snider Family said...

haha!! SISTER!! I just turned the volume up and heard...California Love!!