Monday, April 6, 2009

Last day in CA!

So the last day we didn't do much but relax by the pool and make one last shopping trip to get the one item we have all been waiting for..............a JUICY! Haha that was the one thing Sister and I said we were going to get and she wanted to get me a little coverup for getting into nursing school. We love to splurge on the Juicy's and when we find a deal- it is a "MUST!" That is what Sister always says when we shop and she thinks I should get something "Sister- that is a MUST!"


Snider Family said...

ok I totally say its a MUST, but even more so I say "its a NO BRAINER!!"

Megan&Forrest said...

AND "it's on SELL" haha! I love the way Sister pronounces SALE!

ryan and danielle said...

hahah yall are cute! but I would OF COURSE get me some juicy if it were on sale! YES! so glad you guys had such a fun time in CA!