Monday, April 20, 2009

Parents Weekend!

So this past weekend, my parents came down to hang out with us in spite of all the rain we knew we were about to get. They came down early on Friday, and the four of us went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It is a bit of a tradition that my parents go every Friday and we love to go as a family when we are together. Then afterwards we rented the movie Seven Pounds which was a very heartening movie with a good message.
The next morning we ate breakfast while the rain came down hard and just spent the day indoors. It was really nice to be with family and feel cozied up in the house. Forrest wasn't feeling too good so my parents and I cooked him this soup my mom makes that is awesome. It was fun having all our butts in the kitchen whipping up some soup for Forrest! Good thing is, he is feeling much better now and there isn't a cloud in the sky!

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ryan and danielle said...

what a fun parents weekend! sucks that forrest was sick! :( but I am glad he is feeling better!