Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Events Starting with Nena's

Every year we do Christmas at Nena's the weekend before Christmas. I love how every year we can expect the same traditions but yet things are always changing. This year a big change, a sad one, was that we did not have the Halls there since they are all in London. We missed them and especially their little ones running around with smiles on their faces. But we did have a new little addition, Trenton (Forrest's cousin) and Whitney's little baby girl who was just 10 days old. Zoey Elise. She was precious and everyone couldn't keep their hands off her. Trenton was not there as he is in the Marines and did not make it home until a few days later. We missed those not there but enjoyed adding to the family and seeing a couple new faces.

One thing that stays the same is that we eat good food. Everyone brings their usual, their signature dishes. Dede's is usually my favorite side dish - sweet potato casserole. And this year, my favorite dessert was actually a new item on the menu - Nenas peanut butter cheesecake. It was absolutely delicious. As we enjoyed Christmas dinner, we joked about how the kiddie and adult tables change. Usually Forrest is the one to bring it up since he always gets stuck at the kiddie table. Although we are joking, I can see how over the years, kids get older and move their way up in the kitchen/dining area. And I have only been around the last 7, so I cannot imagine how it seems to them. Forrest says he somehow always gets stuck at the kiddie table. I told him maybe after we have a baby, we will get promoted. Or maybe that means since we have a baby, we are back to the kiddie. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens next year. If I remember correctly, the high chair stays put next to the adult table. :)

After the kids open gifts, the adults always play white elephant as our gift exchange. However this year we had two new members join the adults' game, Ricky and Lane, since they are out of high school. The game was fun as always and it is especially entertaining to watch the boys steal and try to manipulate the game. They get a little more aggressive than the girls. Half the time the girls end up with what they brought which is what happened to me this year. No complaints though on that... I always would like to have what I brought and I think everyone else kind of feels the same. Hot items this year included Cheri's leopard lounge chair for the girls' team and the safe for the boys team.

Then the night ends with a few games of pool in the garage, or one too many, and some game playing inside. We played a new card game this year - Canasta, which was a first for me. It was fun especially considering me and my partner, Kim, were the champions. It was not even a close call. :)

The next morning we had breakfast -Nenas yummy breakfast casserole and bisquits. Then we stuck around until lunch to enjoy some left overs before going home. It was yet another fun and memorable weekend for us, like it is every year. Thank you Nena and Gramps for opening up your warm home for us to celebrate the holidays in.

Wish I had pictures of everyone. I have been bad about not getting my camera out lately. Next year, I am going to make it a point to get one big family picture.

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