Thursday, December 8, 2011

24 Weeks

In the hospital, 24 weeks is a milestone because it is the age at which we consider the baby to be viable. So I was so happy to reach this point. I do not have much of an update really. Things have been going smoothly. I had an appointment with my doctor this week and after measuring me she said I am right on track. I have gained a total of 10lbs which she said was good. Forrest felt her kick for the first time. I feel her move all the time and love it so much. Sometimes I wish she just moved all day, although I know she needs her sleep. I like to look down and talk to her... just baby talk really. I even feel myself gritting my teeth as I talk to her, thinking about how cute she must look in there. I haven't bought anything else for the nursery yet but we are on the look out for an armoire. I found a cute monogram to hang in her room that I cannot wait to order once we finalize her name. I am actually having visions of how this nursery is going to come together and am so excited, I just want to rush out and get it all now. We have decided on a date for a baby shower. Forrest's Aunt Dede, sister Amberly, and Mom will be hosting it for me at Forrest's parents house. It will be at the end of January while Amberly is in town from London.

Anyways, that is the scoop with us. December is full of fun events. We had our L&D Christmas party last weekend which was a blast. Here is a picture of us before we left for the party.

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