Monday, May 10, 2010

Welp, Scratch that!

In my previous blog I said we would be moving soon but made it seem like it would be awhile. Well, as of last week (actually right after my last post), we found renters for our house. Yep, we listed our house on Craig’s list and within a few minutes had a few people interested. A nice couple in their forties/fifties came by the next day to check it out, really liked it, and called us early the next morning to tell us they would like to rent it. This all happened in a matter of TWO days! We had no idea it was going to take that quickly. The couple is just PERFECT and Forrest and I just had a feeling they were going to say yes when they called us back.

Everything has just been working out great and we are so excited. Only thing is- now May is even busier for us. This week I have 6 tests (2 down, 4 to go), then Saturday I leave for California for 5 days. I come back Thursday, then Friday and Saturday we have wedding festivities for Jarrad & Elisha. Sunday morning we leave for our camping trip and plan to get back on Wednesday sometime. That leaves Thursday through Memorial weekend for us to pack and move. Then guess what? Summer school starts for me June 1st!  I don’t think we could fit one more thing. O yes, and don’t worry- I will not let Forrest forget that my birthday is right around the corner. :)

Some of my favorite things about this house:

Entrance- really the whole Castlegate Community is beautiful- all the landscaping, fountains, pretty houses and parks.

Kitchen – this is to me one of, if not THE, most important thing in a house. It is like MY territory and I want to feel like Martha Stewart when I am in it.

Jacuzzi tub - don’t take baths that much anymore but it was there just in case.  I liked knowing that I had the option to take a bubble bath if I so desired.

Backyard/trees behind- just made the house feel more secluded and we could enjoy being outside with a little privacy.


Kendal Green House 006

Kendal Green House 017 Kendal Green House 016Kendal Green House 003

As of today, we have 21 more days of living here then it is on to the next chapter of our lives!


DASH Photography said...

Megan! Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you guys! and excited for ya'lls next chapter! Good luck on the last of your tests...and I hope you have a BLAST with your sister and Reagan!

danielle aanerud said...

BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! glad that everything is working out for you guys though! And I also love your house, you always looked like martha in your kitchen :)

Megan & Forrest said...

Ashley, thank you for all your sweet words! I will keep you posted on everything- the move, my trip, etc. ;)

Thank you Danielle! Ha ha, girl that might be my favorite compliment you have ever given me (Martha)! :D

Love both you girls so much