Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Daddy gave life to Momma’s dream….

As I am cleaning and cleaning out our house today, I have on CMT as usual. I guess I get that from my Mom and Sister- we all three love to play CMT or GAC while we are home. Well in the midst of my sweeping, this song happens to come on by Miranda Lambert called “The house that built me.” If you haven’t heard this song, you’ve got to, it is probably my favorite song right now and today was the first time I got to hear it all the way through.

Funny thing is I was cleaning extra good today and getting rid of things we don’t use or need to make packing easier. Yes, that’s right packing. Packing because Forrest and I will be moving soon. We are not moving right away, we still have a lot to get in order, but our plans are to move out into the guest house of Forrest’s parent’s ranch. Our goal is to live there long enough to save money to put towards our next home.

It is just funny how God works, letting things happen at certain times to make you stop and think. The lyrics to this song just makes me think of how sentimental a home is, and I especially like  the part when she says “Daddy gave life to Momma’s dream…” I just think that is the sweetest part.

I remember like it was just the other day, when Forrest surprised me with the house we live in now. I had thought it sold after they didn’t take our offer and didn’t know they had called Forrest back to tell him they would accept it. I remember that moment and how excited and emotional I was when we showed up here and walked in to see all of our family waiting inside. It was a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of our life in our first home. We moved in right after we got married- everything has just been like a dream: graduate college, get married, buy a house….

I know this song is about remembering the house you grew up in and earlier I said I get the whole CMT watching from my Mom & Sister. I just couldn’t help also, thinking of the videos my parents have of my sister and I dancing around and watching music videos in the living room, just capturing those typical “being at home days” where you never change out of your pjs. I know my sister has a lot of those days with Reagan now and how much they mean to her, I just smile thinking about it. I know that will be me one day just like my Mom…just like my sister, and most likely in our next home. It will be everything we have dreamt of  just like this one has been. Now I have only a few more months to just soak up living here…in our“first home.”


n8362532_39946418_9338 n8362532_39946419_9654 n8362532_39946420_9938 n8362532_39946438_6084 n8362532_39946443_7656 n8362532_39946490_6174 n8362532_39946498_1628 “If I could just come in I swear I’ll leave….won’t leave nothing but a memory….”


Donna Homire said...


Snider Family said...

aww, you know I love that song. And, I remember that day like it was just yesterday. I am so glad I was abole to be a part of that special event.

I love what mom said, "A home isn't a home until memories are made." - So sweet, I love you!

danielle aanerud said...

I LOVE that song too! Gotta love all the memories that are made in your homes over the years! I'm excited for your next move though, lots more memories to make :)

Megan & Forrest said...

I just want to remember the small things. I have a sweet, sweet husband.

Me: Remember this day?? (referring to pics in blog in email)

Forrest: I sure do!! What a wonderful day that was! What at pretty Bird too.