Friday, May 28, 2010

E&J Say I Do!!

Last Friday started J&E’s wedding events. Friday started out with mani’s & pedi’s for Elisha’s girlfriends and family followed by lunch at Ozona’s on the patio. Then the rehearsal and dinner took place that evening. Jarrad and his family are from Louisiana so the theme for the dinner was a crawfish boil and it was too cute.

Crawfish Dinner

The wedding began at 4pm and was a Catholic ceremony. It was beautiful and they both were just back and forth between smiles and tears. The reception afterwards took place at the Zone at Kyle Field. It was GORGEOUS, the food was incredible, and the entertainment/band just blew us away! We were amazed at how talented they were and just danced almost the entire night, it was so fun!!!

Elisha Wedding 075 Elisha Wedding 077 Elisha Wedding 081

Elisha Wedding 083 Elisha Wedding 084

 Elisha Wedding 087Elisha Wedding 088 Elisha Wedding 089

  Elisha Wedding 092 Elisha Wedding 093 Elisha Wedding 094 Elisha Wedding 095 Elisha Wedding 096 Elisha Wedding 097

Elisha Wedding 102

Elisha Wedding 106Elisha Wedding 109Elisha Wedding 110Elisha Wedding 113   

Elisha, I so much enjoyed being a part of your special weekend. You are a special friend to me and I just cherish YOU and your friendship! I am so happy for you and Jarrad and we look forward to being a part of you guys’ lives!

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