Saturday, May 22, 2010

Downtown Disney and Disneyland Parks

Saturday, I was fortunate enough to go see my Sis and her family again and spend about 5 days with them. We started out the trip strong with a weekend trip to Disneyland! My sis, Darrin, and Reagan picked me up at the airport and we headed straight to Anaheim. We made it to the hotel around 4pm or so and took some time to get ready before going downtown. We spent the night walking around shops, listening to live music, and dining out. It was so neat, we all really enjoyed it.

Then Sunday, we woke up early and headed out to Disneyland! First thing we did was ride Space Mountain (Darrin and I) before the lines got too long. It was a little crowded but not too bad. Then we walked around looking for characters to take pictures with, stopping at different things along the way. We rode It’s a Small World and Reagan loved it. We all really liked it- it was truly AMAZING all the work that goes into that place. Plus, we had front row seats on our little boat- Reagan looked like our little captain up at the front!  Toontown was really neat- we got pics with Mickey and Minnie and got to walk through their houses. The Tea cups might have been our favorite. Darrin got the best pictures and Reagan liked it enough to want to ride it again. She just smiled the whole time. I love that I got to share that moment with her. Just to be there for that I would fly across the world!

The bugs world area was another favorite- all of the little details in the decorations and rides were so cute. And Reagan looked so cute enjoying her churro on the popsicle bench- we couldn’t get enough pictures! We also went to California Adventure Park right next to it since we got the “park hop” pass. It was really neat. My sis and Darrin rode this Hollywood Horror ride and I entertained Reagan with a smoothie. The parade there was our favorite thing- it was super fun. Really all of it was neat, even just the walking around park. We were all pooped by Sunday night and headed back to San Diego. From there, I spent the next few days with my sis and Reagan- more pics to come! :)








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