Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas at the Ranch

We spent Christmas eve night and Christmas morning at Forrest's parent's new place. They were determined to get moved in in time and with hard work they were able to get all of their things moved in the day before Christmas Eve. Phew! Cuttin it close! Anyways, we drove in and helped them unpack then that night we all curled up on the couch by the fire, watched a movie, and drank hot chocolate. The cozy night ended with Forrest's parents dancing in the living room to an old was so sweet. I know they really needed that time to relax after all of the moving. Then the next day, we did some more things around the house until Amberly and the fam could make it over around lunch. We had some chili and tamales then went in to the living room to open gifts. Some of the highlights of the gifts were: Forrest's new Aggie boots, his parents new rocking chairs, Amberly & Aaron's new popcorn machine, and the last gift the boys opened, their new John Deer tractor. We spent some time outside watching them ride around on it and take treats out to feed the longhorns. It was so cute watching them act like country boys! Before going to bed, we all sat by the fireplace and Lala (Cheri) read some new books to the boys. Then the adults stayed up and played games.

Overall Forrest and I had a great Christmas. Hope everyone else has enjoyed their holidays as well!

Our Christmas

Forrest and I celebrated "our" Christmas a little early like we do every year since we are usually out of town the day of. We like to be at our house and have it just the two of us to exchange the gifts we have for each other. For the past three years (while we have been married) our night goes like this: Forrest gets home from work, I cook a nice dinner, we have some wine or mixed drinks, and then we exchange gifts in the living room with of course, the dogs.

Forrest is the best gift giver, I have to brag on him for that. This year, he got me a new purse which was a rarity because I do not buy purses. He got me a LV purse and wallet 5 years ago, the first Christmas we spent together (when we were dating and did not have a mortgage!) so since then I have carried that purse. Well the purse I got this year, I actually get to call it a handbag because it is HUGE compared to my last one. It has so many zippers and compartments that I have already gotten used and it matches EVERYTHING. I am in love.

He also bought me a wishbone necklace because I have been wanting one for probably a year now. It is gold, very simple, and my favorite quality- it matches everything. I am in love with that as well.

For him, don't make fun, I am not the best gift giver when it comes to him. I just feel like I am spending his money to get him a gift and I know how he is- he swears he doesn't need anything. Well, this year it was a little easier for me to shop for him because of his new "hobby" I guess you could call it. He has decided to do triathlons this year and then by the end of the year, complete the Ironman 70.3 in Austin. I am super proud of him and find it really exciting that he has decided to do this. Anyways, he is all set now with some good running shoes, new ipod and accessories, and triathlon books.

Lil Girl got a new bed for the house, yes she is sleeping in the house now. She is just so good and the weather is too cold for her to be outside all night. I know, I know she is spoiled and we have officially become those dog owners.

All in all, good Christmas in College Station. Up next, Christmas at the ranch. :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Aunt Rosa & Christmas Round One

Christmas plans at my family changed due to my Aunt Rosa’s (Mom’s sister) funeral this week which was a very beautiful service and my grandma (Dad’s mother) in Iowa breaking her back after falling on some ice. We have had quite a bit of things come up in or family close to Christmas but everyone is getting through them fine. Grandma is okay now- she is in the process of recovering from her surgery and my aunt has been laid to rest. The family is coping well because she was a Christian and VERY spiritual lady. We all know she was ready to go and is now in a better place.

Due to these unexpected events we celebrated Christmas with my family earlier than we had planned. We had a nice Christmas lunch and dessert, then opened presents. We hadn’t planned on opening gifts at the time but it just happened that way. We did have one little problem with the picture- we were missing REAGAN! She was playing at the Snider’s getting some good Honey, Pop, & Uncle Potter time which they were in need of- so we didn’t want to interrupt. We understand we have to share her and that we had been getting a lot of her attention since they have been home. Plus we wanted Reagan to open her gifts Christmas day. So the five of us all opened gifts and had a great time. My sister and I got a few pairs of shoes and a cute personalized cookie jar, Forrest got an ipod, my dad got a car cover for his new car, my mom got some jeans, a couple of velour sets, and a new pair of tennis shoes. Well that about sums it up, we had a great day and I love it when my family is all together!Christmas 004

Christmas 009

Christmas 012

Christmas 013

Christmas 016

Christmas 019

Christmas 021

Christmas 025

Christmas 028

From City to Country!

So far, I have been able to squeeze in two visits to Mesquite over the holidays- once right before finals (which was a last minute decision) and once right after finals. Of course Forrest had to work both times so he wasn’t able to come with me but it was nice having the girl time. We did some Christmas shopping, ate at some of our favorite places, and just played with Reagan at the house. I LOVE being with them and wish we could do it all the time!  After my second trip, I came back here to C.S. only to drive with Forrest to his grandparents house in Bellville for Nena’s annual Christmas party. They just built a new guest house and guess who got to sleep in the bedroom?! You got that right- me and Forrest! The reason for this is- in the past we have always gotten stuck with sleeping in the office which is open to the kitchen which is where everyone meets in the morning. On top of that, the two of us slept on one cot! haha- so Nena and Gramps promised us the guest house this year to make up for it. :)

December Reagan Visit 043 December Reagan Visit 047 December Reagan Visit 068December Reagan Visit 087 December Reagan Visit 089 December Reagan Visit 098 December Reagan Visit 106

The Holidays 010

The Holidays 013

The Holidays 017

The Holidays 024

The Holidays 021

The Holidays 027


Some of the guys on the balcony at the new guest house

The Holidays 028

The Holidays 029

The Holidays 031 [2]

The Holidays 032

The Holidays 034

The Holidays 035

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

7th Annual Girls' Christmas Party

Two weekends ago was the Scarmardo Girls' 7th Annual Christmas Party. This was my third year to attend it and I brought my friend Kara. Every year we do the Chinese gift exchange- I brought two scarves and earrings from H&M that my sister picked out and walked away with a $25 gift card to a cute boutique in town called Willa. I was pretty pumped about that! After the party, the girls all go out afterwards. This year, we took an old limo that a friend of the hostess had bought just for fun. He drove us around while we blared old rap songs and then dropped us off at northgate. Ha it was like prom all over again!! The weather was FREEZING- it got down to somewhere in the 20's so we were all pretty content once we got inside somewhere. Overall the night was fun and they do the best job hostessing- I am looking forward to doing it again next year!

Monday, December 14, 2009

And the holidays begin…with Steph’s visit!

These past couple of weeks have been full of holiday festivities starting with my best friend since middle school, Stephanie, coming in town to stay a few days. We had the best girl time and especially enjoyed going out to Forrest’s parent’s place. I wanted to get some good pictures of me and Forrest for our Christmas card picture and thought it would be fun for Steph and I to have a little picture session of our own.

BFFE & Cmas card pic 040

BFFE & Cmas card pic 042

BFFE & Cmas card pic 044

BFFE & Cmas card pic 050

BFFE & Cmas card pic 077

BFFE & Cmas card pic 080

BFFE & Cmas card pic 037

BFFE & Cmas card pic 039

BFFE & Cmas card pic 047

BFFE & Cmas card pic 046

BFFE & Cmas card pic 017

BFFE & Cmas card pic 018