Wednesday, December 23, 2009

From City to Country!

So far, I have been able to squeeze in two visits to Mesquite over the holidays- once right before finals (which was a last minute decision) and once right after finals. Of course Forrest had to work both times so he wasn’t able to come with me but it was nice having the girl time. We did some Christmas shopping, ate at some of our favorite places, and just played with Reagan at the house. I LOVE being with them and wish we could do it all the time!  After my second trip, I came back here to C.S. only to drive with Forrest to his grandparents house in Bellville for Nena’s annual Christmas party. They just built a new guest house and guess who got to sleep in the bedroom?! You got that right- me and Forrest! The reason for this is- in the past we have always gotten stuck with sleeping in the office which is open to the kitchen which is where everyone meets in the morning. On top of that, the two of us slept on one cot! haha- so Nena and Gramps promised us the guest house this year to make up for it. :)

December Reagan Visit 043 December Reagan Visit 047 December Reagan Visit 068December Reagan Visit 087 December Reagan Visit 089 December Reagan Visit 098 December Reagan Visit 106

The Holidays 010

The Holidays 013

The Holidays 017

The Holidays 024

The Holidays 021

The Holidays 027


Some of the guys on the balcony at the new guest house

The Holidays 028

The Holidays 029

The Holidays 031 [2]

The Holidays 032

The Holidays 034

The Holidays 035

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