Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Aunt Rosa & Christmas Round One

Christmas plans at my family changed due to my Aunt Rosa’s (Mom’s sister) funeral this week which was a very beautiful service and my grandma (Dad’s mother) in Iowa breaking her back after falling on some ice. We have had quite a bit of things come up in or family close to Christmas but everyone is getting through them fine. Grandma is okay now- she is in the process of recovering from her surgery and my aunt has been laid to rest. The family is coping well because she was a Christian and VERY spiritual lady. We all know she was ready to go and is now in a better place.

Due to these unexpected events we celebrated Christmas with my family earlier than we had planned. We had a nice Christmas lunch and dessert, then opened presents. We hadn’t planned on opening gifts at the time but it just happened that way. We did have one little problem with the picture- we were missing REAGAN! She was playing at the Snider’s getting some good Honey, Pop, & Uncle Potter time which they were in need of- so we didn’t want to interrupt. We understand we have to share her and that we had been getting a lot of her attention since they have been home. Plus we wanted Reagan to open her gifts Christmas day. So the five of us all opened gifts and had a great time. My sister and I got a few pairs of shoes and a cute personalized cookie jar, Forrest got an ipod, my dad got a car cover for his new car, my mom got some jeans, a couple of velour sets, and a new pair of tennis shoes. Well that about sums it up, we had a great day and I love it when my family is all together!Christmas 004

Christmas 009

Christmas 012

Christmas 013

Christmas 016

Christmas 019

Christmas 021

Christmas 025

Christmas 028

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