Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas

Forrest and I celebrated "our" Christmas a little early like we do every year since we are usually out of town the day of. We like to be at our house and have it just the two of us to exchange the gifts we have for each other. For the past three years (while we have been married) our night goes like this: Forrest gets home from work, I cook a nice dinner, we have some wine or mixed drinks, and then we exchange gifts in the living room with of course, the dogs.

Forrest is the best gift giver, I have to brag on him for that. This year, he got me a new purse which was a rarity because I do not buy purses. He got me a LV purse and wallet 5 years ago, the first Christmas we spent together (when we were dating and did not have a mortgage!) so since then I have carried that purse. Well the purse I got this year, I actually get to call it a handbag because it is HUGE compared to my last one. It has so many zippers and compartments that I have already gotten used and it matches EVERYTHING. I am in love.

He also bought me a wishbone necklace because I have been wanting one for probably a year now. It is gold, very simple, and my favorite quality- it matches everything. I am in love with that as well.

For him, don't make fun, I am not the best gift giver when it comes to him. I just feel like I am spending his money to get him a gift and I know how he is- he swears he doesn't need anything. Well, this year it was a little easier for me to shop for him because of his new "hobby" I guess you could call it. He has decided to do triathlons this year and then by the end of the year, complete the Ironman 70.3 in Austin. I am super proud of him and find it really exciting that he has decided to do this. Anyways, he is all set now with some good running shoes, new ipod and accessories, and triathlon books.

Lil Girl got a new bed for the house, yes she is sleeping in the house now. She is just so good and the weather is too cold for her to be outside all night. I know, I know she is spoiled and we have officially become those dog owners.

All in all, good Christmas in College Station. Up next, Christmas at the ranch. :)

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