Friday, July 31, 2009

Bless's Wedding & Lake

Last weekend, was busy if you didn't already notice, but in a good way! Saturday after eating lunch with my mom, sister, and Reagan at Panera, I drove back to College Station in time to go to Bless's wedding. Forrest and I hadn't seen each other all weekend, he had been doing yard work all day when I came home, but I rushed in the shower to get ready. As we were getting ready, we realized Forrest doesn't have any nice slacks that fit him. I guess someone else besides me needs to do a little shopping in this family. Ha! Anyways, he put on a nice shirt and we headed out the door to make it to the church by 6pm. So we get there in a frenzy and the parking lot to the church is completely empty. THE WEDDING WAS AT 7pm! Oops! Forrest was a little aggrevated with me at this point but luckily northgate was nearby to save us. So we walked over and had a drink before going to the wedding. After the wedding, we went to the reception but only stayed for a little while. We were both exhausted and just knew we couldn't be much fun on the dance floor being as tired as we were. That night, we were both out as soon as the lights went off.

Sunday, we took LG to the lake and had the nicest time just sitting by the water. We ate at the Hook for a late lunch/early dinner and then went home so I could get started on some homework. It was so nice to spend a day with Forrest who has been somewhat on the back burner these past couple of weekends since that little niece of mine got here. This weekend I am all his! :D

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