Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Big Sonogram Reveal

As soon as we came back from our trip, we had the big sonogram to look forward to. We were not sure how we wanted to do it as far as finding out the gender but we knew we wanted it to be just us two. I thought maybe the tech could write it down and we could open it later that night at dinner or something, but we thought what the heck let's just find out now! We were wrapped in the moment and the lady was really nice. We couldn't help ourselves. She let us guess first, I guessed girl and Forrest guessed boy. Then she looked at me and said "You're right."

Since I found out I was pregnant, people have given me the most assured look and said "You are so having a girl!" And I never received any kind of response like that, that it was a boy. I didn't really have a "feeling" the whole time but since people were constantly telling me girl, I started to believe them. We were excited. Forrest admitted it made him more nervous.

More importantly, all looks good with the baby according to the doctor. Overall the sonogram results were great she said. Everything is developing how it should.

We kept the gender a secret for the rest of the week. I told Forrest I had plans to take his parents to dinner Friday night so we could tell them first and not to tell anyone before then. Little did he know I had something up my sleeve. :)


The Hall Family said...

Aaron said "wow she dressed pretty for her sonogram." I said, "most girls do." He said "I do not remember that you did." What is the point? :)

Megan & Forrest said...

Ha! Well, I did think it was going to be a big day and I knew a camera would be involved! You always look cute in all of your Europe pics. I bet you love dressing in cute coats, boots, and winter apparel - I would have so much fun with that!