Thursday, November 10, 2011

20 Week Update

We have hit the halfway mark! This week I am 20 weeks. An update on things:
  • I have finished a big bottle of prenatal vitamins and have been on my second bottle for about a week.
  • I am over the nausea for the most part and notice myself eating more these days.
  • With that said, I think I have hit a growth spurt - my belly looks like it has doubled in size! I have gained about 7-8lbs as of now.
  • I can still wear normal clothes, just have to rig the pants a little. Some shirts are a no. Maternity clothes I could probably start wearing if I wanted.
  • I sometimes have mild discomforts- most likely round ligament pain I assume.
  • I toss and turn more while I sleep usually pulling all the covers off Forrest. I have crowded our queen sized bed by sleeping with three pillows. 
  • Monogramming is in the near future - Forrest and I are talking names and I think we have decided on the one.
  • The shopping has begun - I bought a couple of things on sale while shopping for a baby shower. How could I resist? The shower was for a baby girl. I bought two sets of pjs and a shirt. I love pjs. 
  • My next appt is Dec. 1st. Seems like these weeks are flying by! I am sure it will continue that way over the holidays, then those last few weeks will probably drag.
Here is a picture of me from Sunday before heading out to a baby shower with Cheri. 

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